Nokia BH905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset – My thoughts. BH-905i

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I recently had the pleasure of trialling a set BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headphones (I don’t like the word headset, as these are far more)  from WOMWorld/Nokia. I didn’t expect these headphones as I was at the time already trialling the Nokia N8 so I was thrilled at the suggestion.
I love music and I have a very varied, some might even say eclectic taste, from classical music right the way up to heavy metal with some blues and trance thrown in. So I really put these headphones to the test. And I can safely say they are absolutely acoustically  awesome, there is no other way to describe them.

Why they score three A’s
The music quality extremely high, it sounds crisp, sharp and clear. It uses its 8 noise cancelling microphones to provide you with the best audio experience ever. The active noise cancellation works as well as it says and that is to reduce background noise by a stunning 99%  Call quality is perfect too, it was strange talking to people without something in front of your mouth but people said that I was as clear as a bell and so were they.

Wired or Wireless
I tested these out using the Bluetooth and also directly plugged in and there was no loss of quality either way. Whilst listening wirelessly I often left the phone in another room whilst I made tea or did housework and at no time did I lose connection or quality. Connecting up to my PC took a while, as I had to discover which cables and or connectors to use as it comes with so many but once I did (with a little help from @jonchoo) I was rocking!
Operating time
I just really wanted to use them all of the time, so I did find the 2 hours that it takes to charge very painful but the usage time was a good 15 hours with the active noise cancellation.
They are exceptionally comfortable to wear, on occasions, the music had stopped and I didn’t realise that I still  had them on until I expected to hear a sound  and I didn’t.  They do slip around a bit if you do a bit of fast dancing to trance music, (purely for testing purposes) but I would expect that to happen anyway.

The BH-095i headphones fold flat and sit into a lovely case that comes with them.

As I stated earlier, I didn’t expect to be testing the BH-905i and I certainly didn’t imagine that I would be now wanting to buy some. They are pretty expensive – however, with this quality I’d say it is worth it.  I was extremely sad to have to return them to 1000heads. (If you know me you will know this to be true as I openly cried online several times.)
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All the photos were taken with the Nokia N8 – apart from the case as you can see my photographing skills aren’t that much improved with the N8 but they are better but that’s another blog! 🙂