Noah Everett – Founder of Twitpic Arrested #update

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Bit of gossip for you …….

Noah Everett who founded Twitpic the media sharing site,  tweeted from his twitter account today that he had been arrested and was in the back of the cop car and even posted a twitpic of it.

He tweeted later that he got a ride home as he couldn’t walk down the street half naked, I’m assuming he just had his top off as he does like a pose. 🙂  I’ve seen reports that said he was actually naked, this clearly isn’t what he put said on his twitter account.

The picture he posted on twitter was supposedly proof of him in the backseat of a police car looking out towards the windscreen and a laptop – and it has now had 46k views, but people don’t know what it is or what is going on.

There  has been no confirmed reports of the “arrest”, but he’s sure attracted a lot of attention from his  2,799,198 followers!

Interested to see what he says next, maybe I’m just nosy 🙂

Update: Earlier Noah confirmed on Twitter, that he was in fact only topless, he wasn’t charged, but he was detained for a while and questioned, then driven home.

He learned his lesson, what watch you tweet! Maybe it was more like don’t drunk tweet? hehe.

Hope you enjoyed.