No sim card installed on 4s – not a new problem.

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There have been many people complaining about the “No Sim Card installed” message on the apple iPhone 4s.

4S Design Flaw

Today we even saw a post about it on Engadget Some iPhone 4S owners reporting ominous ‘No SIM card installed’ messages suggesting that it could be a design flaw with the new iPhone.  Others are saying its a software problem, or many other reasons for it, the 4s is getting a real bad press now.

No Sim Card installed on mobile phone problem

However, the sad truth of the matter is that this has been going on since the iPhone was born, or at least the 3GS –  If you do Google search on the topic you see nothing but people asking for help or a fix or some way to solve this problem – even videos offering solutions.

This comment from 2007 on a forum discussing the iPhone problem made me laugh, if only they new 4 years later.

In truth, this isn’t even just an iPhone problem – as @niksargent said today – Every phone I’ve had has had this problem from time to time. In fact sonys have been worst. Not just an iphone thing.


Sadly, I don’t know what the solution is… there are many people saying – “Yes that fixed it!” for various different reasons.

The top fixes are.

  • Restart or reboot the iPhone
  • Keep reinserting the Sim card
  • Get a new sim card
The last one seems most popular but of course that is always a hassle and everyone wants a quick fix.  If I find out any more information I will of course edit this post with the results.
Hope this helps