News of the World to close after 168 years due to Hacking scandal

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The British Tabloid Newspaper which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation The News of the World is selling its last publication on the 10th of July 2011, after the recent phone hacking scandal.

Twitter and Facebook have been awash with tweets and posts about nothing else for a about an hour.

The Sun to take over the Sunday slot?

There are however unconfirmed reports or rumours, that The Sun its sister paper will be on sale for 7 days a week rather than 6 days. So really does closing The News of the World mean anything at all?  Will The Sun hire back the staff though?  I would love to know if this is true, as it really makes the whole thing a farce.

Murdoch who has been in many reports over the last week or so announced that the final edition will not contain any adverts- wow it will be empty – but the money will be donated to charities.

Are people happy or not about the closure, according to my timelines most people are saying good riddance to bad rubbish, is that what you think?

Edit: Info is that The Sun on Sunday registered a domain on the 5th of July – just days before the announcement of the end of the News of the World, so all this means is reduced overheads and the same revenue for The Sun group.  Pointless.