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New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

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TripAdvisor has relaunched what they call social-assisted travel. Which they say enables members to get relevant recommendations and inspiration to plan your perfect trip. Which you can now do by now following friends brands influencers and travel experts. Wow, so the New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

It’s about time really – they had it all there, they are the worlds largest travel site – everyone knows TripAdvisor.  I often wondered just how difficult could it be to add following friends and a social feed.  Well, as of yesterday the 13th November 2018 this awaited launch happened.

The New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

Lets take a look

When first logged in this is what I saw – Welcome to the all-new Tripadvisor!

TripAdvisor is a Social Network

I decided to sign up with a new account to see how it worked now, and so far it’s seamless, no problems at all.

I signed up with my Google account so I didn’t even have to put in new passwords. It immediately used the profile picture that I have on that account. So you will have to add or change that if you don’t have one or want the same profile picture. You can also sign up with Facebook the same way or just use a different email and password.

TripAdvisor – Profile Page

I was given a generic username based on my email which I didn’t want so I just went to profile settings and changed it to @michelledharris the first one I chose had been taken.  I’m surprised I got that one actually. It doesn’t actually give your own Fancy URL yet, a must for branding ! … Its just a mass of numbers and letters so hopefully, this will be something we can have soon.   However as you can see on your profile you can also change your actual name – username – add your city – website and write your bio. Same as any other network.

TripAdvisor is a Social Network

TripAdvisor Banner / Cover Photo

I added a banner to my TripAdvisor social network profile by clicking my profile photo.

Edit Profile and Edit cover photo.  The size of the cover photo is the same size as before which 1400 x 425 it was a bit narrower, but its a fit to size thing which worked okay.  I’ll have to find out what this size is and let you know.   However, I added a few more details simple enough and my profile now looks like this – pretty neat.

On the right-hand side, you have a section on who to follow. I didn’t add my Facebook yet, or it would have suggested some friends.  But for now it was just brands, businesses, magazines, travel places, I followed a few and I now have a travel feed!

So now if you click Tripadvisor on the top left you will be brought to your Social Feed – which now looks like this.


If you want to share something on your own feed you look on the left.

Share your travel advice

Here you can share a photo like you would an update for any network or write a review.  I was hoping to be able to create an album, but you can only post one image at a time and have to describe each one, in a separate section.   But they say this isn’t the finished version so maybe you will be able to do this.

So, it seems pretty good – finally those travel places and pictures have a place of their own.  I wonder if this is going to make much difference to Instagram or Facebook, we will have to wait and see. But for now its exciting that now TripAdvisor is a Social Network   –  Its worth a look – let me know what you think and if you can add me @michelledharris