New social media app Friended promoting kindness

New social media app Friended promoting kindness

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New social media app Friended promoting kindnessFounderMark Inc the social entertainment publisher – Thumb co-founder and CEO Dan Kurani have launched a new social media app Friended promoting kindness and realness!

The apps claim is that there is always someone to talk to.  You can even talk to people about things  you wouldn’t even tell your best friend.  But there is no being fake about it, you have to be real.

Friended is trying to be different here to try and prove that you real, and the more you are seen to be real the more you are rewarded for it.

Friended doesn’t go for popularity driven apps where its all about likes. Or where people are posting about their perfect lives, which even know you know its all lies and fakeness but it still makes you feel depressed and worthless! All of this stuff is making people more lonely than ever.

On friended the less fake you are the more attention  you will get!

All users are now required to take the kindness pledge if they want to participate in the Friended community.

Friender wants to put a stop to loneliness and help people be kind to each other.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it!  Sounds just what people, especially our younger generation need.  Someone to listen to and to know the value of being real and kind and being liked for it.  That you don’t have to be fake to get attention.

Please note – You do have to be over 17 to use it, and the app does say it is for mature audiences.

New social media app Friended promoting kindness and realness!

Friended is all about private messages, you meet like minded people by replying to their messages in private. Or you can create a post for the whole community about what you are thinking of feeling for which you can then receive private messages.  Its a very interesting concept that it is based around the private messages and not the “social” aspect of social media, we’ve known for sometime, that people are retreating in to close groups, and not this goes that little bit further. It goes to prove that when you show your vulnerability you find it much easier to connect with people on a deeper level.

New social media app Friended promoting kindness

I totally love this idea, we need some more kindness in the world, we need people to start respecting each other and you cannot do that if you are being fake, and not being real to yourself or anyone else.

What users are saying about Friended

  • “I can meet other people who understand what I’ve been through…”
  • “…I’ve met some people that are going through difficult situations and I’ve been able to uplift [them].”
  • “This app changed my life because I’ve [talked to] so many wonderful people on here”
  • “…made an impact on a couple people’s lives on this app simply because they reached out to me…”
  • “…you can post your own feelings, and others can relate too”
  • “I’ve found people who have been great and really sweet on here and I don’t have to be insecure…”

Be aware though, all of this comes at a hefty price. 

Although Friended is free to download and use, you can only post once every 8 hours –  If you want to post as much as you like there is a Premium subscription package and after 7-day free trial a 1-week subscription costs: $4.99*  1 week!!


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.