New Scam on Facebook – Enable Dislike Button

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There is a new scam spreading VERY fast on Facebook and it is to – Enable Dislike Button.

There is no Dislike Button on Facebook; it is fake.

It is very clever and looks extremely genuine!  Once you click the Enable Dislike Button you are given instructions on how to enable the dislike button.


Once you do this , your friends will be spammed with this message on their wall.

The scammers are obviously coining in again on something that Facebook users want.  There have been many facebook pages, requests and campaigns about the dislike button. Facebook users would like to dislike what people say, so its very popular.

Just Don’t Click ……..

It doesn’t appear to have a virus, however according to reports it runs obfuscated JavaScript on your computer, that isn’t so good, so you should follow the link below and at the end of the page it shows you how to  remove to the scam application.

Please share this and tell your friends, don’t the scam win.

Hope this helps!