Make More Money with New Influencer Tools from Webfluential

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New Influencer Tools from WebfluentialI recently wrote about Webfluential connecting Brands to influencers,  now there is an exciting new update.

Webfluential has launched some new influencer tools to help influencers stand out to brands more so that we can monetise our blogs and social profiles.

New Influencer Tools from Webfluential

The new influencer tools from Webfluential include marketing features like the New Media Kit and Webfluential Accredited Assets.

Plus,  even more ways to show what you can do to help Brands and so earn more money:-

  • Content Writing
  • Event Appearance
  • Display Media
  • Audience Remarketing
  • Invite and earn

Soon Webfluential will be adding other features like a Book Me widget which influencers can place on their own website so that Brands can directly book them from their contact page.

What it means for Influencers

Basically, it means that influencers can make themselves stand out more – look more interesting – be more available to make more money on blogs and social media networks.

How exactly is this possible with the new Iinfluencer tools from Webfluential ….

Media Kit

More visibility – As influencers we started off by being able to add our social networks and blogs and to get a score which brands can see to choose which influencer they would prefer to use. We create the new media kit on Webfluential – with our profile, channel stats, facebook demographic, featured content and featured tweets. This is then included on our profile with our unique URL – like mine is here –  –  We love this Media Kit, it just makes you look so professional, I still have more to add to mine but I think it looks great already.

Featured content and featured tweets?

This is proof of our work –  Now we can add details, such as the client and our web URL  of blogs we have previously written for Brands to be showcased in our portfolio, this is great, as brands can see clearly if you have experience as a brand ambassador or influencer at a glance.  You can also add any tweets in which anyone has said great things about your work.

Influencer Toolkit


You can now add to your website accredited banners and buttons so that Brands can go directly from your website to your Webfluential page to book you for work.


Invite and earn

Simple to earn more money – Invite and earn is brilliant, we just have to tweet our link asking people to join Webfluencial and we can earn money from the first job they do.

Also coming soon, which is very exciting – is the Webfluential app and the WordPress Plugin!

“Our goal is to make Influencer Marketing easier than ever before by providing industry-leading tools for influencers and marketers. Just as Airbnb has revolutionised the travel industry by providing a marketplace for accommodation owners to rent to travellers, we are transforming the marketing industry by offering a marketplace for influencers to sell their services to brands,”

Murray Legg, Head of Global Strategy

With these new influencer tools from Webfluential its even easier to show Brands, what you can do to help them with their campaigns and so to start cashing in on your hard work.

Disclaimer – I was employed to write this post, but all thoughts are my own.