New Facebook Scam – Oakleys Sunglasses Hoax

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There is a new Facebook scam that promises you a Free Pair of Oakleys Sunglasses. Its not from Oakley sadly, so no free sunglasses, just a hoax.

Slightly different to all of the other survey scams we have discussed.

The message appears on your friends wall, so you think it must be safe he has done it, wrong!

To celebrate the Summer, Oakley is giving away free shades to all Facebook users.

Its a two step process this time where you have to first share the link and then like the page – Liking the page takes you to a survey that asks for your personal information, this is something you should never put in a survey anyway.

As we’ve discussed before the reason behind this scam is that the scammer gets paid for every survey completed.

As writing this it seems that Facebook may have blocked the survey so that is one good thing but people are still sharing the link. Which in itself at the moment is harmless but I assume it won’t be long until the scammer links it to a different link.

If you have shared this please, delete it from your wall and if you have liked it – remove it. If done the survey I would even suggest changing your password as a precaution.

Never click anything that promises to give you something for nothing without checking it out first, we all know that never happens.

Hope this helps