New Facebook changes bad for business pages

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There is nothing official from Facebook yet, but Matt Navarra, who seems to be in the know announced yesterday on Twitter that it could be that the New Facebook changes will be bad for business pages. He said that Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions meaning it was likely show a decline.

If Organic post weren’t already in trouble on Facebook, I’m sure that this will affect it as Matt says in his tweet.

This is clearly another push for people to spend money with Facebook on Facebook ads, it really is becoming the only way to get anywhere with Facebook these days.

New Facebook changes bad for business pages

New Facebook changes bad for business pages

These changes are rolling out now – Matt said between October 17th – 28th.  So if you see a decline in your page, you know why.  Matt posted this snippet seemley from an email from Facebook to page admins or social media managers.


Facebook say that this change will be updating the time frame for which we filter out repeat organic impressions from a same person. As as result you may see less organic impressions for your Pages and posts, they say this will not affect distribution, reach and engagement – this SHOULD remain the same, it doesn’t sound too hopeful to me.   And the message says that they don’t have any figures to say how this will affect out pages, which is almost strange.

More of a decline on Facebook

We’ve seen a big decline in the last 5 years with organic reach, causing brands to up their spend on ads and to also be clever about who they are targeting with ads.  Facebook are trying everything they can to get pages to pay for their platform and ads is really the only way.

Its not that long ago we had the news that brands were crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect with each other so Facebook were again changing their algorithm, which was another big blow to pages.

Matt tweeted that he didn’t have a link regarding this announcement but it came from a very good source and there should be something about it soon from Facebook.

Don’t Panic

There is no need to panic, it can’t be that much worse – only 5% of our fans only see our posts anyway.  So either use ads, or keep trying to think of better ways to create engaging posts 🙂   Although maybe there are more options to consider.


Facebook Groups

For me the only way to go on Facebook now is Facebook Groups, you do still need to have your page.  However while we have seen a decline in Pages – Group postings can appear at the top of your members feeds.

Groups compliment your facebook page, and you can send people there if need be.

Something you may want to think about doing, yes its much more work than a Facebook page but Facebook Groups are given a high priority in the Facebook news feed, so you should consider if a Facebook Group could be right for your business.  Groups are the best way to build trust and authority these days and when you already have the engagement, selling is a breeze.

If you need help with managing your Facebook group then please do contact me –  Community Management, its what I do.