New 4s iPhone Twitter app has protected tweets #140

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I’ve finally joined the iPhone 4s club !

When the phone arrived I must admit I was a little nervous about transferring all of the information from one iPhone to the other, I’d heard of people losing information and I don’t have the best of records with iTunes.

Before registering the new micro Sim I …

Now I was ready..

There was a problem with completing the Sim Swap on line, there was no option for my plan oddly – but Orange did it all over the phone, then I synced the new iPhone 4s with iTunes – Done.

Some of the applications on the 4s wanted me to re-input my user name and password and some applications didn’t but that was fine.

Protected tweets!?

Until I went to use the Twitter App for iPhone  – it logged me in fine but it wouldn’t let me view my tweets, it said protected tweets or I was not authorised to view the tweets, so although I was logged in, I could do nothing.  I tried installing and re-installing, finally…

I went into settings on the iPhone – Settings -> Twitter and checked my accounts, the user name and password were there, but I decided to re-enter them, then appeared lots of ticks – this was the fix, twitter then worked perfectly.

That was the only problem I have had, amazingly.  I thought I would share that with you as I have since seen people asking the same question I had, why are my tweets protected on the iPhone applicaton, as I know they are not protected. Very Odd.

Hope this helps