My First 3 Months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver

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My First Three Months with a GoPro Hero4 Silver hasn’t g too well.  Or should I say WITHOUT the GoPro Hero4 Silver.  I would have thought by now, I’d have a great review for you with videos and images for you to gasp and delight at but no, sadly, we have hardly even touched the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

I found a company online called SLR HUT offering some great prices for bundles of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  A sports bundle, an outdoor kit, many types of accessory bundles with everything you might need to get going, and the price so much cheaper than elsewhere.  I was a little concerned, because you know you don’t get something for nothing – but could find no valid reasons not to buy from them, and the bundle seemed just so handy.

Many sites had people asking if anyone had bought from SLR HUT, some reviews good and some bad, mostly people just suspicious of them as the prices are so cheap.

I also read on various networks that the site is pretending to be a UK company –  The website is a website, the items are all written in Pounds and the phone number looks to be in the UK. The domain was registered in the USA and registered through, however I didn’t think this really mattered.

I ordered the GoPro Hero 4 Silver from SLR HUT on the 15th of September. Delivery took around 10 days, I forget how long exactly but and within a couple of days of receiving the camera, I had to contact SLR HUT because I had a faulty Go Pro Hero 4 ..  It wasn’t powering on as it wasn’t holding a charge, and if I left in plugged in to test it that way it would freeze up.  Eventually, SLR Hut believed me and on the 30th of September they agreed to have it back for repair or replacement. They said it would only take a few days…..

The address for the return was – Powershot Photo – Rockaway Park USA

One month later – the Go Pro Hero 4 arrived back – no paperwork nothing, just a new (not a Go Pro) battery and exactly the same as it was, the new battery still would not be charged by the camera.  SLR HUT said that it had been tested and worked. Really… After several emails –  I asked for a refund, they didn’t really want to know, it should have been a simple email back saying I could return the faulty item.

I wrote to Go Pro support – who were very nice and efficient, they sent a few suggestions to try out, none of which worked. 2 days later they agreed that the GoPro Hero4 sounded to be faulty and that they would supply a replacement, no questions asked.   This time I had to send it back to ModusLink in the Netherlands. Almost another month goes by and finally we have a working camera. So, thanks to GoPro for that, I didn’t expect it to take quite so long, but at least it works – Well, let’s not speak too soon, it’s only been a few days, it seems a very unstable set up to me, not what I was expecting at all but we will see.  SLR Hut hasn’t been in touch at all since.

HERO4 Session

I’m not sure what the Hero 4 session is like but it’s interesting to see that Go Pro have dramatically reduced the price for a second time down to £199.  Is this one not selling at all ?

With Christmas just around the corner now, I hope that you don’t have the problems I’ve had with my first 3 months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver