Missing Posts On Facebook

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At the beginning of the month Facebook made a few changes, most of which we’ve all noticed, like the photos now being on a black background in a pop out window and some updates to fan pages.

However you may have overlooked this one…..

Are you missing some updates/posts or comments in your Facebook feed?  Have your friends seen updates that you have not received?  That is because Facebook added an option and pre-set it at –
Friends and pages you interact with the most.  The other option is …….. ALL of your friends and pages.

I’m not sure how well this works as I frequently receive pages from people I don’t interact with at all, which of course I don’t mind, this is why I friended or liked them in the first place but I am missing lots of other posts.

To change this setting, just simply scroll down to the bottom of the news feed page 
Click – Edit Options
Click – Show Posts from – All of your friends and pages. 

This change is apparently to minimise spam so you may just want to keep it as Friends and pages you interact with the most, I don’t have many friends on Facebook (I like it this way 🙂 )  so this change isn’t very good for me but if you have many friends, this could be a godsend 🙂  and if not at least you now know that you have the option.

If you are looking here because you have missing profile pictures, content or wall posts – this a recent issue that Facebook is currently resolving.

Hope this helps 🙂