Milna – a social media revolution!

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The Milna application has been officially launched FREE on the  App store and the Android Market place.

Milna was the brainchild of  Prathap Chandran @notprathap who then involved  Aanjhan Ranganathan @tuxmaniac   his now business partner and Milna was born.

Milna is a location based social networking service which uses your 3G or Wifi and your GPS coordinates to communicate with fellow Milna users.

Say you want to find out what is going on in the local area, or are looking for a job or a great place to eat, you ask the users on Milna.

Do what you want to do. Together.

Never for a moment think you are alone. You’ll be surprised how many people around you want to do exactly what you want to.
Milna. Make it happen!


Know it from those around you. Just ask what you want to know. And get to know.


Sometimes you wish someone shared your dream. Someone who you could sit down over coffee and discuss how you want to make a difference. Do it.


The locals know the best. So why dont you ask them which is the best Sushi restaurant around?


There are days when you just want someone to listen to your wants and wishes. Reach out.

You simply download the application – create a new account and it automatically looks for your location.

It searches for All Wants within a certain radius – which you can reply to.

You can type in My Wants.

Update your profile and you are off.

You can learn more about Milna on their blog here    Website –  And Facebook page

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