Microsoft Lumia 435 – Budget Phone for Kids

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How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435I recently tested out a Microsoft Lumia 435 from Connects and I was shocked that it is classed as a budget phone and it just has to be the best budget phone for kids.  It has everything and more that they could want on a phone and you can save yourself a quite few pounds in the meantime.

There is always a big debate about whether or not kids should have smartphones and at what age, I personally would not spent a lot of money on a phone for a child or even a young teenager.  You know what they are like, they will lose it, break it or have it stolen. And even if you have insurance its very upsetting, so its worth checking out the budget phones.

Budget Phone for kids

The Microsoft Lumia 435 is just that – when you first pick it up you instantly feel that its strong and study due to its thickness which is 11.7mm and weight which is 134.1 g , no I didn’t do the drop test, but I think it would withstand some abuse. The plastic covers come in Orange, Green, White and Black and can be changed.




Microsoft Lumia 435 Specs

  • Display – 4″
  • Main Camera – 2.0 MP
  • Front Camera – VGA 0.3 MP
  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Expandable Memory Card Size – 128GB
  • Free Cloud Storage – 30GB
  • Ram – 1 GB
  • Network – 3.5g
  • Processor – Dual-Core 1.2GHz
  • Talk Time – 11.7 hours
  • Game features: Touch UI, XBox-Live Hub, DirectX 11

Gaming on the Microsoft Lumia 435

If your kid has an Xbox they will like this phone as you can use your Windows phone to play Xbox live games to increase gamer scores.  You can view your Xbox Live profile, achievements, friends and messages, and you can edit your avatar on Windows phones.  Although there are limited apps on Windows app store – there are over 150 Xbox games you can play on the phone.

The phone uses Windows 8.1 operating system which works fast and is extremely easy to use with the tiles and just a quick swipe to get to the settings.

It has all of the standard tools – such as calculator, clock, alarm, phonebook etc as you would expect to find on any phone.

Social apps on the phone are Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp, Foursquare and OneDrive.



Microsoft Lumia Camera

We know that kids love taking pictures and video to share with their friends or the whole internet. We may hope that the selfie craze is over soon but in the meantime, they need their camera.  I found the quality of the images very grainy but then I am not the best photographer.  I wouldn’t worry about that for the kids though – it works and its easy to use.


Now here is the best thing – the price of this phone starts at around £30 on a pay as you go – which is just crazy for this phone!  So you can see now why the Microsoft Lumia 435 is the best budget phone for kids.