Microsoft is down – hotmail is down – xbox is down …

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windows_2421293bIts all over the internet – Microsoft is down!

At around 11pm UK time – thats GMT people started to complain that hotmail was down – and xbox was down – Bing, bing Maps, MS live, and profiles APIs … in fact all connected services to microsoft were not working – people started to come to twitter to voice their complaints ……. I got a few of them for your information.

Around – 23.40 on the 21/11/13 the same night – services came back – I cannot wait to find out what had happened, someone said a DNS issue but really?

Not sure what’s happening but Microsoft are having some serious DNS issues on their API calls for Bing, Bing Maps and Live services at the moment. They’re not fully back up after 3 test cycles which means this has been going on for at least 45 minutes.

LIVE TWEETS reports – is DOWN for everyone.

What people are saying – Xbox live is down

I believe Xbox Live is down! Can’t access any Microsoft services like hotmail either!


Why can’t I load hotmail

eh..? can’t load hotmail .__. why?


So hotmail not working for 30 mins, what has gmail been up to…….


Many Microsoft online services appear to be down for some, including ,… 
Xbox, hotmail, skype… pq não funciona???


So hotmail/outlook is down… useful…


@michelledh problems with dns records globally. started about an hour ago.


We thought it was just the UK that had the problem but it appears to be at least europe – nothing yet from Microsoft, we wonder whats going on ?

And still it goes on.

ffs hotmail is down and i need to send a really important email why now

dave ‏@Ak4777Dave 15m

Apologies for random links my accounts been hacked working on it but hotmail is down as well. Cheers




Services returned at 23.40 GMT , without a word……