Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

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I must admit  this mouse was a total impulse buy – its curves, angles and smooth design caught my eye and I had to have one.
I am a bit fussy when it comes to using a mouse – its something I use a lot as I’m not really a keyboard shortcut person, I’m a scroller and a clicker. I also draw and design with my mouse so its really important that a mouse has a good feel, is comfortable and responsive. I usually take a while to choose a new mouse but this impulse buy seems to have been a good one.
The arc feels luxurious in my hand , its so silky and comfortable I forget its there. I’ve read articles where people thought it was too small, I’m not sure what bucket sized hands they have, mine aren’t exactly small and it is absolutely ideal for me.
Even though essentially the Arc was designed for the purpose of being portable and wireless this wasn’t even a factor for me, I didn’t need it to be either of these, but I am enjoying the wirelessness and I may well  use it with a notebook in the future. It folds down really small and the USB receiver fits inside perfectly.
The Arc laser senor was so responsive and fast at first, it did feel a bit out of control.  However after adjusting the settings to slow it down slightly it was precision perfect everytime.

It isn’t a cheap mouse but not as high-priced as the Logitech gaming mouse that I had which although very good, was enormous and so uncomfortable I often got cramp in my little finger?
The only downfall with the Arc is the thumb button. It is positioned so far forward I never remember to use it, and it would actually be uncomfortable to do so without totally moving your hand.
Being an ambidextrous mouse I thought I might try using my left hand to see how I got on, as I am actually a lefty but have never used a mouse in my left hand. Sadly it felt truly unnatural, I think its too late for me now to get used to using the left hand, the upside of using the Arc this way is that is that the thumb button is then in a better position for your finger.
The Arc’s buttons and scroll has a nice firm click and bounce to it which I like too.
All in all a very pleasurable mouse in style, design and comfort.

Photo’s – Me and my iPhone.