Michael Jackson Fever, fuelled by us. I don’t get it.

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I admit I was up late after hearing that Michael Jackson was taken into hospital with cardiac arrest, poised at the pc tapping frantically into various news sites and radio stations. I was waiting for more information to say what had actually happened. Then suddenly the news came in on Twitter that TMZ.com (the celebrity gossip website) had announced that MJ had died.

Stunned, I looked at the screen in disbelief; it could be another hoax, I thought, it’s happened before. The acquired knowledge that Michael Jackson was dead was already taking over the internet. On facebook and twitter, people were repeating the accounts of TMZ; many people were typing RIP Michael Jackson. It was frantic, Twitter was overloaded several times. Like a panther waiting to pounce I was listening to the news and anxiously checking websites. All of my friends were still awake, all talking to each other, fearful about the news. One of my friends on facebook chat was waiting for a call to talk live on the radio about it. We were all eager to find out the truth. While my friend was broadcasting on air about Michael Jackson the BBC confirmed that Michael had died, we were as everyone, shocked. Late into the night we listened to tributes and songs, suddenly everyone forgetting they had work the next day.

That was last Thursday and since the Michael Madness hasn’t stopped, we just can’t stop until we get enough!


I wasn’t going to blog this at first I didn’t want to add to the Michael Jackson Fever. However a few people now have expressed the same opinions and thoughts as me:

What is this MJ fever all about?Why do we feel the need to play or listen to his songs constantly on almost every radio station?

People who didn’t know or like his music before now suddenly do like him or his music.

Everywhere you go people are talking about him, good or bad, mostly good.He is front-page or prominent in all types of magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.All sorts of people of all ages are singing and downloading or buying his songs.

The tabloids won’t leave him alone.

Why didn’t people have these songs downloaded already, why now?

Strangest of all are the jokes, a constant barrage of jokes via text, email and other means.
And now Michael Jackson’s body is to be taken to his Neverland Ranch on Thursday morning for a public viewing Friday, a public viewing!!! (which some reports are saying you will pay for.)

It is complete madness and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.


My cousin got caught up in the frenzy from the beginning, she has hit the nail on the head, she said that she feels like if she hears another MJ track she will be sick, but then she can’t stop playing herself! She can’t help it and just loving every time someone goes past in a car playing one of is song…


People do seem to want this fever to stop now and yet they are fuelling it even more !


I wasn’t a huge Michael Jackson fan; I loved some of the old tracks like Ben and One Day in Your Life, and others which I owned on vinyl first. He was part of my childhood. But his strange behaviour disheartened me, I must confess. Yes! it is sad and we were all so shocked that MJ died, especially the children of the 70/80’s – no one wants anyone to die that young, he was clearly a pop idol/icon to many many people.


For years it will be the music that is remembered and not the allegations, unusual behaviour and freak show lifestyle.

This madness can only be our way of mourning, we don’t know what else to do and how to behave… the same as when someone you know loses a loved one, you don’t know what do say or do. Maybe it’s tribal, where everyone feels happier that everyone else is also doing the same.


Well I don’t know, I just know – I don’t get it.