Men in flip-flops – I don’t get it.

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Men in flip-flops, you guessed it, I don’t get it.

Maybe it’s just me, I’m not a lover of feet, they aren’t the most attractive part of a person’s body are they? Lets be honest here; they are frequently frightening to look at. There is just something very wrong about men baring their toes in a pair of flip-flops.

I do appreciate however, that flip-flops are particularly practical for shower use, or on the beach, especially when you are wet from the sea, and need something to put on quickly. Personally, I think they should stay there; at the beach.

The reason for mentioning flip-flops today is something that happened on our holiday to Cornwall last week. There was a big group of us staying in caravans, we had 6 caravans in total and we all spent most of the time in the sea, either body boarding, surfing or kayaking. The weather was mostly very hot, so my boyfriend Dav decided it was time to invest in a pair of flip-flops. He had never owned any before, as he himself doesn’t like them very much, but he suddenly saw the convenience of them, and immediately purchased some in the Fatface sale; at least he didn’t get the totally non-manly, cheapo ones.

Now, to explain – there is a standing joke among our friends that Dav can do anything he sets his mind to do, while most of us struggle to do new things. Clearly, he isn’t superman, (not my Dav) but once he decides do something he won’t give up until he has succeeded. For instance; when they first started kayaking, Davknew that he had to learn how to roll the kayak to be able kayak properly and safely, so he spent hours and hours watching instruction videos on how to roll, so that when he finally attempted it in the water, he was triumphant after just a few tries. That’s just how he is.

Wearing his newly acquired flip-flops, Dav and I were walking down to the shore to watch some of our friends surfing. On the way I noticed that he was walking strangely, rather like a constipated penguin on hot sand, which frankly isn’t unusual as he is always hurting his limbs doing sports or at work. Concerned, I asked him if he had injured his hip. No, he answered; it’s these bloody flip-flops; I can’t walk in them. Giggling, I looked at his feet and observed that he was placing his foot down and lifting it up, trying desperately to not lose the flip-flop – no flip or flopping action at all! It did look hilarious. As we walked towards our friends, we were discussing how to walk in flip-flops, (I didn’t realise it was so technical) we got to the edge of the sea, and one of our friends called over, “Dav, have you hurt yourself?” I chuckled, as Dav picked up the offending items, gesturing to hurl them into the sea, “My flip-flops don’t work; the battery must have run out or something!” – Understandably, our mates rolled about laughing.

Until he masters the art of walking in flip-flops our friends now love that there is something that Dav – can’t do!