Make Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate

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Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimateI love animated videos so when I was asked to try out the Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate I jumped at the chance.

We all know that video is a very important part of Social Media Marketing – it really can increase your engagement on social media.

However, although I love creating videos  I am pretty useless at making them myself, I usually have a little help – however much I enjoy it. So this for me is a great challenge and if I can do it anyone can.

Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate

First of all its really simple to sign up and get started – there is a 14 day free trial and then there are 3 plans

  • Go Publish
  • Go Premium
  • Go Team

Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate

I was lucky enough to be given some time with one of the plans to test this out (disclaimer)

How to make videos with GoAnimate

You first click MAKE A VIDEO and select a theme – there are 18 themes to choose from – I’ve only actually looked at 2 so far and I’m loving it.


  • Business Friendly
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Business as Visual
  • Common Craft
  • Comedy World
  • Lil’ Peepz
  • Stickly Business
  • Cartoon Classics
  • White Houserz
  • Anime
  • Ninja Amine
  • Space Citizens
  • Chibi Peepz
  • Chibi Ninjas
  • Space Peepz
  • Stick Figures
  • Wildlife
  • Lil’ Petz World

Go Animate Tutorials

The great thing about GoAnimate for me is that every type of video has a full tutorial, so you can get started right away without having to spend time reading about the functions and options or watching lots of videos on “how to create animated videos”, you can just get stuck right in.

go animate


You get to choose your backgrounds from a huge list, the only thing here is that I would have liked a search function rather than having to scroll through lots of backgrounds to find the right one for me.  Most of the other images have a search so I’m not sure why backgrounds don’t. Edit – you can search backgrounds but maybe not when you are doing the tutorial. You can also change your backgrounds at anytime.


There are a vast choice of characters which are fully customisable – what you can do with these are amazing – its almost like a character creation in a game, you can change hair styles – clothes – facial expressions, stances and so on.


You can add your own voice – from a mic recording or you can upload a file that you have previously recorded. There is also the option to have text to speech with many accents and choices.


You can search actions for your characters – to make them walk, jump, run, laugh etc.


You can search for props – like furniture – things to hold – pens, mobile phones and such like.


Again – many different fonts and actions to choose from – including how the enter or exit the screen.


You can change camera angles at the click of a button.


A choice of music to add to your video.


You can preview at any time along the time line or at the end and go back to editing.

Save and share

You can then just save or you can save and share. You can share to a number of networks – including a direct upload to YouTube or you can get your embed code

I’ve really enjoyed playing with Goanimate, and to show just how simple it is to use – here is a code that I got from my very first video that I literally made in about 3 mins – with no idea in my mind about what to do the video about – its only a test so don’t judge me lol  Its so quick and easy I think in no time you can look like a professional.  I’m sure you’ll do better than me though – love to see your videos – tag me @michelledh 

test one by Michelle D Harris on GoAnimate

After about 20 mins playing around with options I then went on to make my second video – with a little more thought – and this even though still a bit basic considering all that you can do with Go Animate I was pretty pleased with it – took me about 15 mins!

This one I put on YouTube directly from the site, so quick and easy – you do need to remember to pop over to YouTube and add the tags and settings though.

I’m going to continue trying Go Animate out and hopefully show you better and better videos. I’d suggest you try it out – you get 14 days for free, which as you can see from my first 2 attempts is plenty of time to see if you like making Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate.