LOL this girl forgets to turn her cam off – Another Scam on Facebook.

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I will be brief as I don’t want to bore  you – its the same old thing…

This girl doesn’t forget to turn her cam off at all – its a scam.

Clicking play on this link will post message to all of your friends saying that you like this, tricking them into thinking it is real. Of course it isn’t.

Survey Scam

The link actually takes you too a survey scam page, like we’ve seen before on recent scam pages – completing this survey pays the scammer and that why they do it. Never do these survey pages, and never download anything from these links – you will get nothing in return apart a virus or some sort of malware.

If you have clicked this, make sure you remove it from your Facebook wall and warn all of your friends that it is bogus.

If you’ve gone further; scan your computer and maybe even change your password to be on the safe side.

Think Twice before Clicking!

Always be wary of links that offer something free or sexy or is popular – always check with your friend to see if they meant to send that link.

It amazes me how many people click these facebook scams but no one gets click happy on my brilliant ads !

Hope this helps