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Landmark Game Launched – EverQuest Next Fans Give Bad Reviews

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1581Yes, the time is finally here – Landmark Game has been launched – Its been a whirlwind of a time over the last two years being involved in the Landmark beta.  It was a big shock to everyone when Daybreak Games announced that EverQuest Next would be cancelled and they would now be concentrating and launching Landmark within a few months!  Landmark has now launched, EverQuest Next fans are not happy in the slightest.

What is this Landmark game ?

Landmark is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game)  which started life as a development tool in 2013 for Everquest Next by Sony Online Entertainment. Now a standalone game by Daybreak games.

Features involve

  • Building Tools – to create your worlds
  • Harvesting – collect materials for your buildings
  • Recipes – earn and collect recipes for props and npcs
  • Combat – fight monsters in caves or add them to your build site
  • Story Mode – Build a complete story for your friends to take part in.

For more information see the Landmark website The game is currently $9.99.  Although if you bought into the game before, you do not have to pay again, it seems some are confused about that.

As I said before it has been a wild time playing Landmark in beta, I’ve loved it, hated it, screamed at it, been addicted by it, and almost thrown my PC out of the window but that’s what a beta is some people still don’t get that, that’s why were are playing, to send over bug reports to help develop the game.

One of the great things about Landmark is the close community of players, learning and sharing from each other.  Its good to get involved with other players, thats what an MMO is all about.  You can find people streaming Landmark on Twitch most days and many people on Twitter.   Its a just a real shame that DayBreak don’t seem to have a proper social media or community management strategy, Daybreak could have really made use of Landmark advocates for their game by getting involved in the community more – a quick post here and there just doesn’t cut it, someone needs to be involved full time.

Players get together and create video stories using their own creations/builds during beta – like this one by Jinkys

Brief History of Landmark

How did Landmark go from being a development tool for EQN to its own game – Long time player Eleven06 explains:-

Landmark started out in 2013 as a building tool for EQN. When the developers at SOE saw how fun it was to use they decided to make Landmark into a standalone game. They advertised Landmark as a social building game with the added benefit that players would be able to help build the world of Norath in EQN. As the development process went on, SOE removed the Everquest moniker from Landmark as it was proving to be a capable tool for more than just EQN. People were still helping build EQN but things like sci-fi and modern materials were being brought into the game. Then SOE became Daybreak. After a significant downsizing and consolidation, production on Landmark halted in favor of EQN.

Then all of a sudden this happened….

EverQuest Next Cancelled

It was a sad day for EverQuest players and I’m sure the team when it was announced by Russell Shanks the President of Daybreak Games that Daybreak were discontinuing the development of EverQuest Next.

For the past 20 years EverQuest has been a labor of love. What started as a deep passion of ours, as game creators, grew into a much larger passion shared by you, millions of players and Daybreakers alike. Watching EverQuest’s ability to entertain and bring people together has inspired and humbled us. It’s shaped our culture and has emboldened us to take aggressive risks with our game ideas and products. When we decided to create the next chapter in the EverQuest journey, we didn’t aim low. We set out to make something revolutionary.

For those familiar with the internals of game development, you know that cancellations are a reality we must face from time to time. Inherent to the creative process are dreaming big, pushing hard and being brutally honest with where you land. In the case of EverQuest Next, we accomplished incredible feats that astonished industry insiders. Unfortunately, as we put together the pieces, we found that it wasn’t fun. We know you have high standards when it comes to Norrath and we do too. In final review, we had to face the fact that EverQuest Nextwould not meet the expectations we – and all of you – have for the worlds of Norrath.

The future of the EverQuest franchise as a whole is important to us here at Daybreak.EverQuest in all its forms is near and dear to our hearts. EverQuest and EverQuest II are going strong. Rest assured that our passion to grow the world of EverQuest remains undiminished.

Landmark Game Launched

So, Landmark Game has been launched, its just been opened to the public for just two days and the reviews have already started pouring in, but not really how anyone expected.

The fact that EverQuest Next was cancelled and Landmark Launched obviously disappointed and angered many many Everquest players, and they have been using this frustration to voice their anger and distaste on the steam reviews of Landmark game – giving the game many negative reviews.  With almost 2000 reviews puts Landmark as an Overall Mixed review.  Which, we as Landmark players understand they need to vent, but on reviews of the actual game is not the right place

Reviews:  Note the time played!

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 2.7 hrs on record
The “game” itself its a paper thin building, sand box game that is not worth £6.99 or your local equivelent. There are 1,000’s of games out there doing it better for the same price.

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 2.3 hrs on record
Posted: 11 Jun @ 1:01am
Boycott this game and the developers.    Abdandoned game in early access.   Screwed over those that paid.

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 5.0 hrs on record
Posted: 11 Jun @ 12:04am
Do not touch this half baked “game” save your money and time.

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 0.6 hrs on record
Posted: 11 Jun @ 12:47am

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 3.0 hrs on record
piece of ####.

0.0 hrs last two weeks / 10.1 hrs on record
Posted: 12 Jun @ 2:24pm
Poorly optimized vaporware. DO NOT BUY
Horribly optimized, floaty combat, lacks actual content, no mod support.

3,006.1 hrs on record
A lot of these negative reviews are because the cancellation of another game. All I can tell you is it’s $10. If you don’t like it, Steam offers a refund period.

As you read these reviews, please look and see how many hours played the reviewer has. This is not a game you can “beat” in a couple hours. There is so much you can do in this game, it is probably the closest to never-ending you can get.

The game is 90% user generated content. It just launched, and already there are some great builds and adventures people have made.

If you put the effort in to learn the tools, and all the things you can do, you can make, and play, almost anything you can think of.

As a long standing member of this game’s community, both for and against decisions made by Daybreak games, it honestly sickens me that people have nothing better to do than set out to try and make a game fail.

Read all the reviews, realize that a bunch are full of BS, and are just blatantly ignorant, or full of lies. There are too many people hurt that Daybreak shut down development of Everquest Next.

Is this game exactly what was promised at the start? No. Not many games that go through a public development process are.

It’s just $10. Try the game. Make your own decision

I wonder which reviews we should take notice of…


I’m not going to lie there are still some buggy aspects of the game, some appear to be different to each person – sometimes its a simple as a quick relog to sort it out. Remember also that there ARE sometimes are teething problems when a game is launched; like with Overwatch, many bugs there with people not being able to sign in etc.      I personally do wonder if the Landmark launch was rushed,  or that they thought they would see how it would cope with more players, however, it has been confirmed there will be a patch soon to fix bugs, I would suggest you stick with it, as it really can be a fun game.

If you have any problems playing Landmark –  check out the forums – Daybreak games forums   – watch some Twitch streams and ask the players for help – find them on Twitter #landmarkgame –  players will ALWAYS be glad to help out and if you played the game in beta you might need to download again – by logging into the website and hitting download. Download Landmark

For new Landmark players it would be greatly beneficial to watch some tutorial videos – you will need to make sure you are watching videos from March 2016 onward though as all of the tools have changed over the years.  Try these Landmark tutorial videos by Eleven06  Basic Landmark Tutorials for New Users

Why not check out the game yourself, do not read the reviews as it gives totally the wrong impression, form your own impression – its extremely cheap for a game of this size – and I think worth the chance to check out at around £7.00.  And as that review said Steam offers a refund policy …

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Steam—for any reason. Maybe your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements; maybe you bought a game by mistake; maybe you played the title for an hour and just didn’t like it.

It doesn’t matter. Valve will, upon request via, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours. If you fall outside of the refund rules, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look.