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klout has changeIt seems people are starting to notice that Klout has changed. Although people are signed up to Klout they rarely log into the site. I guess the only reason for logging into the site used to be to give K’s to other users or to keep a close eye on your score. So, there is not much point logging in, if your score just stays the same mostly and its said that giving Ks to others doesn’t have an effect on your score, but receiving K’s from other users that have a higher score than you can help.

How Klout has changed 

However now with Klouts latest update this has all changed.  Now Klout actually provides content for you to read and share on your networks within your niche direct from Klout. I assume one reason for this is to get us to use the site more often.  So what is this content – if one of your topical interests on Klout is Blogging you will be shown a series of Blogs about How to blog, or how to get more viewers to your blog, things like that.  When I first saw this stream on Klout I wasn’t that bothered or interested in it,  as a big fan of Buffer and Triberr I already can read and share posts within my niche very easily but next time I had a look at what Klout had to offer I was very pleased with the content.  Not only can you share these posts to your networks you can also schedule them.

I don’t think using this service increases your score at all but I do find it useful now and then if I just need a few niche blogs to share. There can be a problem with your personalised stream if Klout has given you unusual topical interests that are not within your niche, which they do occasionally (this can happen if you have a group of the same niche following you that aren’t really your topics)  so you will need to keep an eye on those and delete any that do not make sense, you can also add topics that you care about  The content that Klout puts in to your stream comes from social media and from their hand curated lists of thousands of RSS feeds.

Has the Klout algorithm changed?

They say that it has not, which actually is pretty hard to believe when many many people have been sharing stories about their score dropping by 5 points or increasing when usually it wouldn’t – my score has hardly changed since the last big algorithm change a few years ago when I dropped 7 points, since then it doesn’t matter what I do, it just stays at around 70.  So do you care about your score, or these changes, will you be logging into Klout more often or has nothing changed for you, please let me know below.

Klout say that click tracking, reach, and reaction metrics on your Klout posts will be available soon so that will be interesting.

If you do want to increase your score a blog from Klout in January this year lists these

10 ways to improve your Klout score 

1. Use milestones as an opportunity to tell your story

2. Understand your audience and cater to them

3. Communicate your perspective

4. Use more verbs in your social posts

5. Make your post memorable with numbers & statistics

6. Use images with highlighted quotes

7. Re-share your posts to reach new audiences

8. Pay-it-forward and give credit to authors

9. Use interesting quotes from content

10. Identify influencers sharing your content and start a conversation

This infographic also might help

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