Just Sayin App – Twitter on Steroids

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logoIf you ever feel confined by social networking restrictions, what you need is the Just Sayin App – Twitter on Steroids, as we like to call it.    I’ve been testing out the live Beta of this voice application (which embeds your voice messages on your social networks) for a few months now, and I am totally addicted, well we do know I get addicted easily to brilliant apps or software but this just blows your mind, seriously

Cloudtalk has now announced the release of Just Sayin’ App which is FREE voice application on iOS and Android, and now there is also a web based version.

What the story about the Just Sayin App ?

Just Sayin was a voice application which was founded by Cloudtalk  a  few years ago.  Sadly though the previous versions were ahead of their time, and certain things just didn’t go according to plan. CloudTalk built the first cloud-based platform for hosting any social communication with voice as a central part of the user experience.  However it was back again to the drawing board the Just Sayin voice based application and not giving up, Sami Yousif  Director of Social Media & Creative has been working hard over the last year with his team to get it right.

We spoke to Sami Yousif to find out exactly what had to happen.

“I Re-Architected the workflow, redesigned the UI and UIX. Changed the focus of the app so that it is more of a Utility to Twitter and Facebook. Implemented several features that were not part of the Original app, including: Private Messaging, Embedding the audio into Twitter, Photo posts on Facebook now have larger images and adding video. As well as making it easier for people to find new users with the Latest Tab, Hot, and Trending.”

Now, Just Sayin is the first voice conversation application for social media which allows cross posting to Twitter and Facebook. 

With this application you can not only talk to your followers on Twitter using their @name you can also include either a image or video and text along with your voice, so you get a lot more power to your message.

How to use Just Sayin App

First you download the Application from iTunes or Google Play  and you sign in with Twitter or Facebook – Twitter always seems best, I’m not sure why – I think maybe because it just is! 🙂

just saying app (2)

You will then see this page this is your Home screen at the top  you can see 3 buttons

  • Newsfeed – Which are all of the public messages from people that you follow on Just Sayin
  • Notifications – Which are all of the message that mention you
  • Latest – Which is all of the latest messages on the app.

On the messages you can see an Arrow which is for you to reply the number is how many replies it has had already

(The arrow will be changing in an update this week)

A ReSay button in the middle  – Which is the same as Re-tweet or Share

And the star is the Like button.

justsayinapp (4)

At the bottom of the screen you see 5 Tabs

  • Home  – This is the page you are on
  • People – If you press that you will see … as above (NB – The tab you are on turns blue )
  • Whats Hot on Just Sayin  – The most  replies on a post
  • Featured Users on Just Sayin – Users such as Celebrities/ Bands/Comedians / Or High Users
  • Whats Trending – The most popular hashtags

just sayin app (3)

The Tab in the center is for you to make a Public Post

You type your message in the Just Sayin Something Box

The Grey Buttons are

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Location
  • Hash Tag

And if your Facebook and Twitter are Blue this means that you are also posting to these networks as well as the Just Sayin Feed.

If you don’t want to do that then press them they will grey out and it will not be sent there.

At the bottom here it shows the camera options

You can take a picture with your phone and send it or

Use one from your library

The last two tabs are for Private Messages to your friends on Just Sayin and Your Account.  – Which is where you can

  • Find Friends
  • See who you are following
  • See who is following you
  • See how many posts you’ve made and likes you’ve received
  • See how many mentions you’ve had.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you can log out.

This image is what it looks like from sending an app from Just Sayin App to the Tweet arriving on Twitter

just sayin app (5)

And the best thing is that users don’t need to leave Twitter or to even have the Just Sayin App to listen to/view/or watch the message – they just click the link and a box opens like this

justsayingapp (2)

So, thats Just Saying App – Twitter on Steroids – of course you also post to Facebook and maybe even Google+ later, but I think its just so perfect for Twitter.   Its been hard for Sami to get the bugs ironed out and there is another update for the iOS app coming this week which should be the final one.

And also shiny and brand new is the Just Sayin App website, where you will be able to put full length pod-casts and videos, and do everything you can from the application, which is what we all love in an application. You also get your own vanity URL so snap up your account soon before your name goes.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Requires Android 4.0 and up