Joys of camping with guys!

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My cousin just wrote a very touching blog about exes it was very heartfelt, emotional and yet to point, with even a happy ending, so I felt that I had to do the same.

What I need to talk to you about is flatulence! (No not mine.)

Otherwise known as..

  • Breaking Wind
  • Expelling Gas
  • Passing Wind/Gas
  • Farting
  • Ripping One
Please excuse me for using the word fart as I know that it is a vulgar and unattractive word but very important as an onomatopoea and according to some sources comes from the old English word feortan. Yes its true!
I have found something out after years of camping with a group of guys – yes you guessed it, they have a lot of wind. This seems to be worse when you get a few guys within a few yards of each other. Its like they pull it out of each other. They actually think that it is funny and the louder the better! Oh… and how funny it is to them to blame it on me! haha!
Mind you thinking about it, its not so bad when we are camping, its when we are sharing a caravan or challet now that is not good… theres no getting away from it!
I am assuming the reason they have so much wind is from the intake of air due to all the talking they do – yep they talk more than a group of women with blue rinses on the bus discussing Eastenders.
Also I think lashings of curry and beer must help.
Before you are rant, I am not saying that women do not pass wind, but we just don’t rejoice in it! Why would we, if someone were to catch us doing it we would die!
If you do a search on it you would be amazed at how many sites come up and video’s too! How exciting is that? I bet you look now!
So anyway I just wondered why they find it so amusing. What is       that all about?
I just don’t get it!?
Answers on a postcard.