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Jelly the New Search App – Co-founder Biz Stone

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Jelly the new search appI’m very excited about Jelly the new search app by Jelly Inc. Jelly has been launched this week on iOS and Android and is a question and answer application, related to search, which I am live testing while writing this post!

When I first heard about it I thought maybe it was like Quora but its very different.

By the way, Jelly’s co-founders are Ben Finkel and Biz Stone the Twitter Co-founder so I expect good things!

What Is Jelly The New Search App

Jelly is a new way to search, that uses photos and people from your social network.  People love to help and as Biz Stone says “If you have a question there is somebody out there that knows the answer”

Its like this – You might see a flower and you want to know the name of it, you just post on the application and hopefully one or many of your followers/friends, will answer the question for you, its like a social search.  A much quicker way than taking the picture, uploading it to Facebook and then posting it to Twitter, plus people on the app are just waiting to answer questions so you are more likely to get an answer.

How To Get Started Using Jelly The New Search App 

Download Jelly from the App Store or Google Play 

You have to sign up using Twitter or Facebook – something that I would prefer not to do actually, but you will need to add these networks for Jelly to work so I understand.  You can then add the other if you wish.  There is no profile to add and no settings at all really.   The information is just taken from the networks you add.  You don’t even add friends here, your friends are the people already in your networks.  If they have the app they will automatically be able to answer your questions

Ask a Question

When you first sign up it takes you to the camera ready for you to Point – Shoot – Ask.  You simply take your picture, write some text, you can add a link and edit the text if need be. Then, press send and your question is asked.  Or you can choose a picture from your photo library – or Google a picture (These images aren’t all public domain though so I’m not sure how that stands)

Answer a question.

If you have nothing to ask then you can click at the bottom where is says – People want to help and you to go to the Can You Help page – here you can either answer, or swipe down to get rid of the question and it goes to the next one.  You can see who has answered the question and read their answer, and if you click on their picture,  it shows you that you can view their Twitter and Facebook profiles, if they have added both.  Edit, no it only shows the one that they logged in with. 

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Note – I had an answer right away from my question, it was rude and unhelpful and from someone not in my networks a but person that does have mutual friends (not much help there then) – so it looks like friends of friends are allowed to answer your questions, unless this is a bug?   I found later that you can report these types of answers by clicking Don’t Like or Report as inappropriate – so I did.

Edit – a few hours later I had 11 answers to my question, which is pretty amazing – most were guesses and 2 were right.   To view the answers its easiest to go back to your original question and click on where it says answers and you can flick sideways through them.  You can then thank people and they are sent a note that says they got a thank you card.   Not sure what happens then, I have one thank you card for my answer and it just says at the bottom  1 Thank You Card.

When you ask or answer a question if is saved your activity  folder and you can share the answer it to email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook for forward the question to SMS, Email or clipboard, so that you can get other people involved that aren’t using the app.

If you didn’t add your other social network right away you can do so by clicking the profile icon – looks like a person in a circle and press the cog at the bottom right hand side.

And that seems to be about that, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to search for particular questions, or change your settings, its just simply Questions and Answers.

I am reading that there are a few bugs, such as the app crashing or not being able to add the other network but this is a totally new application and just getting its first users, so be nice people I’m sure the bugs will be ironed out.  I didn’t have any other problems however.

What do you think of this new app, is this the next new thing?  Or is there something similar already, I don’t think so.