Itunes down – Getting tired of these problems!

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For the past hour or so people on Twitter have been complaining about iTunes app store being down, this appears to be world wide.

Is it to do with the iTunes update 10.2.2?  I was hoping that was going to sort out some problems, not create more.

The only sort of confirmation that seems to have been received is yes, iTunes servers are down and they are trying to sort it; will be for down for about another 90mins. Thanks for that Apple.

However, for some services  have now been resumed, like mine, we noticed first when we were trying to download some apps and the waiting message hung there until it told us that the app could not be downloaded.  Other apps just stayed on the waiting message and we left t hem until they eventually downloaded about an hour later.

Do you think its a bit strange that the down time came at  around the same time of this tweet about Skynet “queue the spooky music”.

Why the downtime and for so long? For some its been two days –  I don’t know. There has been a lot of problems with iTunes  lately and I for one am getting tired of it. This isn’t going to go in Apples favour with lots of new smart phones coming on the market now.

Sort it out iTunes!