Is your employer blocking social sites or asking for passwords?

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HR must embrace social

I find it amazing that employers would ask for your Facebook Passwords. In one way I can understand why they would block Social Networks if they think you are wasting company time looking at tweets, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Employer asked for Facebook Password

This infographic from Compliance and shows –

  • Asking for an employers password is a clear invasion of privacy
  • Will cause bad relations with bosses and staff
  • Could initiate a discrimination lawsuit.
  • It actually violates Facebook’s privacy terms.

With regard to blocking social sites at work, most people are not stupid enough to be on Facebook during work hours if it is not part of their own job but might like to catch up in their lunch hour or break times. However, even better it could be used for the companies benefit – IE talking about great things that are happening that day, an event at work, a new product –  This is free advertising!

Amazingly school and colleges in the UK are known to block social networking sites for staff and students on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, gaming sites, and even NEWs sites – Not just for young children but for college children studying courses such as computer science. It would be more beneficial to teach children how to use the sites properly.

Recently I’ve even heard of 2 or 3 friends employers banning their staff from even having social media accounts,  which to me in incredible!   Has any of this happened to you? I’d love to know, its fascinating to me.

Take a look at the infographic and let me know your experiences in this.

Is the company you work for social media savvy or do they think its something that needs to be banned and blocked for safety.

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