iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner does your housework

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iRobot was founded in 1990 (then called IS Robotics) by Rodney Brooks, Colin Angel (CEO) and Helen Greiner.  The company was originally involved with space exploration by robots and worked with organizations such as NASA where they developed a robot for lunar exploration. Cool huh!

However in 1997 after they had developed at AutoCleaner for someone else, a team was gathered to build the world’s first affordable home floor cleaning robot.

Since 2002 iRobot have sold over 6 million home cleaning robots.  6 million? What sort of people have these? They must be just used in offices or hotels, places with large open spaces, I can’t see how it would work in cramped spaces with lots of furniture…

There is even a Roomote – a Roomba itunes app that is used to control your iRobot, Roomba! Although check what the description says on the app store before you download.

I would love to know if you have one of these, hoover robots!

Hoover trivia

When I was younger in Britain vacuum cleaners were called hoovers as The hoover company was the leading manufacturer of many household goods especially vacuum cleaners. We even still use it now as a verb, I am going to hoover! Even so I thought it was wearing off but I was shocked to see this entry on Google.

I love this video from 2007, believe it or not 🙂

7 Reasons why you need a Roomba Robotic Vacuum

  1. It’s a Robot
  2. Dirt detection
  3. It can go anywhere
  4. Stair Detection
  5. It’s Thorough
  6. It’s Fearless
  7. No Cleanup

There are many companies that have developed robotic vacuum cleaners – most others are more like a carpet sweeper with motorised brushes, but the Roomba contains a motor which creates a vacuum in addition to these brushes.

Roomba Prices range from an very inexpensive £249.99 to this years SUPER MODEL the 780 at £499 cheaper than an iPad! 🙂

Roomba® 780
Vacuum Cleaning Robot Specs 

It features a refined, sleeker design with a touchpad interface. Dirt Detect™ Series 2 and an AeroVac™ Series 2 Bin allow even more efficient cleaning, while HEPA filters leave the air fresher. Roomba® 780 also includes onboard scheduling.  8cm tall to fit under most furniture.

It sounds good doesn’t it …. but I can’t see it doing a good job in a busy, dirty, household full of kids and pets. It is just a carpet sweeper with a bit of suck. Isn’t it?

I’d love to test one of these robotic vacuum cleaners out – if any company such as iRobot or Samsung wishes to offer me one! 🙂 Yes Samsung do one called the Navibot!

If you don’t ask..right?   Anyway … if you have one or know anyone that uses any versions of a robot cleaner please let us know the low down.

Hope this helps