iOS game - The Amazing World of Stubies

iOS game – The Amazing World of Stubies

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stubiesThis has to be the cutest iOS game – The Amazing World of Stubies!  These little guys are just too cute, and I just love the colours. Stubies is the creation of Lukas Bahrle & Andreu Taberner from Creatiu lab in Barcelona, when you first see it you think it is a very simple colour matching game, but the more you play it the more challenges you have.

What is this iOS game – The Amazing World of Stubies

Stubies is a 100% indie game  and its only 0.69p to buy on iTunes.  If you like puzzle games for your iPhone or iPad you will like this one, and if you like cute, then this is the game for you.  69p is a small price to pay to have these cute little characters running about all over your screen. Basically you have to match the colours and to do that you to make them walk into each other or avoid each other Stubies depending on what type of Stubie they are.   As I said before it starts off really easy just matching the Stubies and crashing them into each other. However each level and each world gets harder and harder, there are 60 levels and 4 worlds, as you can see, I’ve not even completed Blue world yet.


How to play Stubies

You can play the game in portrait or landscape, which ever you find easier.  I think its clever at the start that the title screen changes according to which way you have the screen.

The Stubies are walking around on a platform (its white here in my picture and its like the sea is blue) and you have to swipe them to go in the direction that you want, avoiding obstacles like bricks, ditches, holes, Stubies that blow up, and various other things, oh and yes stop them walking off the side of the platform into the sea because then they die! You will hear the Stubie shout if they are about to fall or in danger and you may have time to stop them.  Other times the cute little Stubies stop to wave at you and say Yoohoo – they also say oops if you make a mistake.  As you meet more Stubies, like the multicoloured Stubie that if you bash them into each other you get a bonus round or the Stubies that are bombs, you can tell who they by the lighted wick in their heads you will enjoy the extra rewards that you gain from them.

iOS game - The Amazing World of Stubies

A couple of tips that I didn’t find out for a while into playing Stubies is that if you Swipe them quickly they actually move quicker, almost a run – and if you tap them they disappear into the ground leaving just a square on the floor. .

I also like that if you haven’t played for a little while you get a message pop up on  your iphone like – Do you want to play?  Its like they are asking you, how can you resist!

This app currently only available on iOS but I heard it might be available to others soon.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

You can find Stubies on Facebook –


Or the website:

Check out this iOS game – The Amazing World of Stubies you won’t regret it, and what have you got to lose for 69p – I know I’m tight too I usually go for free games but this is so cute, did I mention its cute?