iOS 4.2 Software Update – what it means to the iPhone User

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Today Apple released the new free Software update iOS 4.2.

The biggest difference will be to the iPad users to bring them up to date with everything we already had on the iPhone or Itouch.
With extra features.
For a start the Alarm bug should now be fixed on your Apple iPhone!!  Can’t use that excuse anymore πŸ™‚

We now also have

Airprint – Printing
AirPlay – Stream digital media from your iphone

Find my iPhone– which is now free on iPhone 4 – iPad and ITouch 4

iTunes TV show rentals 

Improved mail

Four different fonts in notes – Marker Felt, Chalkboard and Helvetica 

Quick text search in Safari. 

Improved calendar feature– linking event invitations to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft exchange

Improved Dictionary 

New Alert tones on Messaging (17 of them)

And there’s more…… sounds pretty good so far, lets hope there are not too many problems with this. I’ve actually left it all for you to download first, as there is always a rush. When I get more details I will let you know. 
Please also let me know of any problems that you may have, so I can inform others, thanks. 

Edit: I have heard of a few problems so far, aside from the taking 4 hours to download which I assume was due to the influx of visitors. Problems seem to have either been resolved  by re-downloading or the missing music fix is just a re-sync.  (This happened to me last time).