Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

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Instagram announced a while back now that they are going to be adding live video to Instagram stories. Well, today Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos too.

It’s been said that live streaming is going to take over social media in 2017 and right now it is very hot for those who are using it right.  Which surprisingly isn’t that many yet, imagine what an overload we will have when everyone decides to jump on the bandwagon and starts using live streaming to promote their business.  I’m not just talking about the videos people stream walking around the park with their children but live video with useful entertaining content.

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram want you to share in the moment

So, what improvements have Instagram made?  We already have Stories which was launched in August but this version of video – is live video – which will be shown to your friends and followers while you are filming but will be gone as soon as you have finished.  This sharing in the moment is what they believe will encourage more people to share.

On the live video, you can also give hearts and emoticons like you can on Facebook live. However, these videos aren’t exactly like Facebook live streams as on Facebook live videos stay around forever, which seems to work because these videos continue to appear in feeds and get many more views.     So, I’m not sure how well this type of live video will do actually, are enough people going to stream at the right times, or is this just going to be a very niche following which whom you can connect on a deeper level.

I wonder how you will be notified or if you can turn them off like you can turn off Facebook live notifications.

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Snapchat style disappearing messages

Similar to Snapchats 6 second snaps, of disappearing photos, on Instagram you will also be able to send photos and videos to groups or certain friends which will disappear, as soon as they’ve seen them. And by the look of this video from Instagram thinks everyone wants to send pictures to each other pulling funny faces.  Seems very useful.

You just need to swipe to take your photo or video then tap to send it privately.

The new messages will be available from Monday 28th November and Live video will be viewable also starting Monday, but being able to broadcast live will be on a roll out over the coming months.