Networking app for Business Professionals

Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals – a must have!

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TAn Innovative Networking app for Business Professionalshe newly launched Causr app is an innovative Networking app for Business Professionals because it uses location to find business people to network with, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you are doing, you can always find someone.

Causr, was created by James Eder Founder of and Co-founder of The Bean Group. James thought that technology could help tempt fate to connect people who might usually not get the chance to meet otherwise.  Anything is possible with the technology available to us now, and he’s proved that with this app.

Networking on the go

Creating a network of like-minded business professionals is one of the best things to do for your business.  You can share information, ask for help, help others and develop a meaningful list of professional or business contacts.

Most of us will already have one or more networks of people who we connect with on various platforms, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or maybe even Whatsapp groups or another networking app for business professionals.

However, the difference with the app Causr is that it enables users to make meaningful connections anywhere at all with its location-based networking.  You might be staying at a hotel, be on the train, or at a meeting in a strange town, and need help or be able to offer help to someone nearby or just meet someone for a coffe.  The location isn’t exact, it just shows the locality – say for instance 1.6km away.

Causr – Networking app for Business Professionals

Causr, works pretty much like Hometouch the find a carer in your area app or just like Tinder the dating app, although its not a dating app, it really is a networking app for business professionals.  However, John says it could unintentionally happen that way!

When users create their profile they can type in what they are looking for or how they can help people.  This way when people are searching for users in their area they can instantly see what you want or need.

After you have downloaded the app you will be required to log in. When you first log into the app it will ask you if its okay to use your location, of course, you will say yes here, otherwise, there is no point.  You also get the option to only share your location while you are using the app or all the time.

Next, you sign in with LinkedIn, there isn’t another way to sign in, it only uses LinkedIn. It says that it uses LinkedIn to securely sign you in and to easily load in your profile.  First this means that users don’t have to fill in loads of details but secondly, it would stop people signing in for a laugh to mess people around.  They would have to go through creating a LinkedIn account purely for that gag, I guess that would put some people off.

How to use Causr

Once you have signed up you will see some icons at the bottom of the page.

The first one is the location icon – which finds business professionals near you with whom you can network with.   you will see on this page from the top who are people closest to you, getting further way as you go down the page.  I was surprised at this early stage to find people all around me.

If you tap on a users name – you go to the profile – where you can read more about them can add them as a connection – once they have added you as a connection you can start talking to them.

The Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals

The next icon – is 2 heads, which shows you who you have connected with – like your address books (Nothing to see here yet)

Then you have the speech-bubble which is your messenger – where you can chat to your contacts

The Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals

The next one is 3 people – which is groups, here you can join groups and connect with people that share the same interests. You just click discover groups and you are presented with a list of groups to join.  Here you can also suggest new groups or visit groups you have signed up for.

The Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals

Next is the cog – the settings button, to edit your profile etc.
So, now you know why I call it the Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals; because its such a great idea.  I’m going to try it out a bit more.  Please do let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the Causr app and what you thought of it.

You can download Causr from the app store.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.