If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification – Learn How

//If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification – Learn How

If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification – Learn How

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Most platforms offer Two-Step verification now and if you are offered it I would always say – do it. 2-Step verification offers another layer of security to your account making it very hard for your accounts to be taken over.  If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification.

Why is Two Step Verification so Important now? 

Its apps like WhatsApp the cybercriminals are targeting because we use it without thinking.  We are getting savvier with our online security and yet we are still falling for various scams.  This is because hackers are trying everything to get into our accounts. They are using very clever phishing emails, text messages, and other scams. We want our logins, usernames, and passwords to be safe and 2 Step verification is a great start.

What is Two-Step Verification 

With 2-Step Verification or two-factor authentication, 2FA you add an extra layer of security to your account, known as multi-factor authentication in the tech world. This layer is very important now and you should try to use Two-Step Verification everywhere

Once set up, when you sign in to your account there will be an extra step after adding in your username and password and this which would usually be a number that is texted or emailed to you, something that you would have immediately to hand, which a hacker or scammer would not.

With WhatsApp when you have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit PIN that you created using this feature.

You probably realise now that you already use this with your banks or other platforms, and its fantastic that it’s become more common for use to protect our identities, money, and our accounts.

With Whatapps users having grown from over 1.5billion since 2017 and with cybercriminals trying every day to find different ways to threaten your online security you must be crazy not to have 2-step verification.

If you use Whatsapp you MUST use Two-Step Verification – Learn How

Open WhatsApp

  • Click Settings
  • Accounts

If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification - How to

  • Two Step Verification
  • Enable

If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification - How to

When you enable this you should also add an email address, in case you ever forget your six digit pin.

As always if you get any emails or text regarding these things and you haven’t requested them. DO NOT click the link, as it is probably someone trying to gain access to your account.

Set it up now, it’ll be worth it

Hope this helps



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