Why do I need to be on Instagram

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I’ve had several entrepreneurs and businesses owners ask me, why do I need to be on Instagram. Business owners and brands just don’t get why they need to be on Instagram.

With over 600 million ACTIVE users, Instagram is a great platform for many brands and small businesses.  It’s really a trick that they should not be missing.  Of course, you may want to look at the demographics for Instagram before you jump in and sign up for an account.

Why do I need to be on Instagram?

Research from the Pew Research Center discovered that in 2016…

Around one-third of online adults (32%) report using Instagram – roughly the same share as in 2015, when 27% of online adults did so. I would imagine its a lot more than that now.

It’s not just celebrity accounts that are the top accounts on Instagram, with Selena Gomaz in the lead with her 121m followers.   It seems that beauty and fashion brands are doing very well too – a report from L2 in 2015 said that brands get so much more engagement than on Facebook and Twitter.

Why do I need to be on Instagram

And this is still increasing today –  a report this year done by Socialbakers said that all Brands get 4 times the engagement than on Facebook.

If you look at Brands like Nike with its 72.4 million followers and 300-500k likes on each image, on Instagram and only 28 million likes on the Nike Facebook page with 14k likes per image you can see that it’s really no surprise.  Instagram users really do like following Brands on Instagram.

Who is crushing it on Instagram

You only have to have a look through your favourite brands to find out that they too are probably getting lots of engagement on Instagram.  There are far too many to list but these are the areas, industries or businesses that stand out the most.

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Jewellery
  • Design
  • Art
  • Photograph
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Celebrities

Brands are using video to get the most out of Instagram and it is really paying off.

How to get user’s attention on Instagram

On any social network, it’s all about grabbing users attention and with Instagram more than any other network its ALL about creativity. Post behind the scenes images, videos, related content, fan reposts, quotes, gifs.  (But that’s another blog post)

Redbull for instance, only seem to post videos these days – and with their 7 million followers – hundreds of thousands of views on each video.

This one is one of their most viewed in the last few months – 473k at the time of posting. WOW!

Of course, Red Bull also do very well on Facebook but compared to a number of followers they have – nowhere near as high engagement as they have on Instagram. Plus they are reaching a different audience on Instagram.

Is your target market on Instagram?

Sprout Social have gathered some fantastic information to show social media demographics.  Which shows that although Instagram has always been for the more younger generation – us oldies are starting to use it more and more.

Why do I need to be on Instagram

  • 59% of 18–29 year olds
  • 33% of 30–49 year olds
  • 18% of 50–64 year olds use Instagram.
  • 8% of people 65+

With regard to Gender, these reports show that it is mostly Women use the site, so that tells you a lot about why you should be making the most of Instagram.

Yes, it’s pretty hard work keeping up with posting images, liking others images, commenting and above all engaging with your audience but it’s really worth it.  Unless you are “Coke” or a really big brand, don’t think you can get away with just posting images and that’s it, Instagram does take some work and some creativity to get users attention. If you think you can’t cope with that, contact us we have lots of experience running businesses Instagram accounts.

So, I hope that might come some way to answering your question – Why do I need to be on Instagram