I love these Incredible Personalised Christmas Cards

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I wanted to share with you a brilliant way I’ve found to send personalised christmas cards online. 
I wanted to use some of my designs that I had created to send as Christmas cards this year and I found this fantastic website called http://www.touchnote.com  You can create your own card using their designs or use your own photos to create cards and add your own message inside. 
First I joined up and waited for the confirmation email to confirm (funnily enough).  Then I could start creating. 
Personalised Christmas Cards as easy as 1,2-5
Upload your picture (or choose one of their designs) 
(upload from Facebook, Picasa, or your pc) 
Choose from 3 different designs. – Greeting Card, Postcard or Touchnote card. 
Resize it
If you want you can also ……. 
Add speech bubbles and or text 
Add fun things like icons, graphics or disguises other special effects
Use the paint tool to add things yourself. 
Enter your message inside with a choice of colour, fonts and alignment. 
Then you can choose to either have them sent to you if you want to sign it or send it direct. 
Add the address to send it to, which is really easy from a UK postcode. 
The other good thing is that they sent to ANYWHERE in the world for 50p 
My first order of cards, which are very reasonably priced (over £10 you get a discount) arrived promptly and of such good quality I keep going back ordering more cards.

The customer service is fabulous!
  • I had a fully comprehensive email to confirm the order.
  • An email to say it had been dispatched.
  • And a  less formal email from the CEO to ask  how I felt it all went and if I wanted to make any comments. 

These emails, by the way – ALL came on the same day, which was the next working day after I’d joined.

The next day one of the cards arrived and the rest arrived two days later. 

To summarise……
Great Quality.
Great Service.
Fast Delivery.
Good Prices. 
So if you fancy making  personalised Christmas cards, I would recommend this company. 
Hope this helps 🙂