HTC Desire HD Review

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I had been trying to source an HTC windows phone to review so was doing a bit of research and during this time, I was pleased to get an email from Joe from Brando World asking me if I would like to trial an HTC desire HD on Three. I was very happy to accept this offer, having heard a lot about this phone over the months, from my friends that are mobile bloggers. Most of them will obviously know all about this Smartphone by now since it was released in 2010 but maybe you don’t.

Super-fast boot

When I received the Desire HD I was amazed at the superfast boot and thrilled to find it already set up with threeuk minutes available and with an SD card installed, brilliant stuff, thanks Brando.

The HTC desire is/was powered with the Android 2.2 and also has the excellent HTC sense, I was hoping to be able to test out the Gingerbread Android 2.3 but the update didn’t come around to me yet.

Super-size Screen

An extremely desirable part about of HTC Desire HD is the enormous 4.3 inch LCD capacitive, pinch to zoom, touchscreen with 480 x 800 pixels; it was a pleasure to look at, it really enhances the whole Smartphone experience. I absolutely loved it!  The touchscreen was quite sensitive but on limited occasions it did require a second touch.  Even though this Smartphone is pretty big, it is slim and slender to really easy to hold,  however  you have to stretch hard to reach over to the top far side when using the unit with one hand.

Super-speedy browser

Performance was pleasantly pleasing; it has a powerful 1 GHz Scorpion processor which makes browsing as speedy as Gonzales.  With the multi-touch input method you can simply zip around, from browsing, to looking up words in the dictionary, Wiki, YouTube and many others using the copy and paste function and even share with your social networks, which was extremely enjoyable!

Super Social

Setting up and using social networks like Facebook, twitter and even emails is easy as pie on the HTC desire HD. During heavy usage times sometimes it brings up a message saying application is unresponsive close or continue, pressing continue just returned it to where you were, I do however multitask to the full I assume I was testing it to its limits.

The notification bar was greatly used, it is located at the top of the screen, you put your finger on it drag down to open a new page that shows your latest, tweets, messages, emails, or whatever you have set up.

Super-easy camera

The camera is an 8 megapixel colour camera with auto focus and a dual LED flash, which is very easy to use.  It has no front facing camera however, so you are back to taking your Facebook profile pictures in the bathroom mirror I’m afraid.  Although, it does have self-portrait mode, you click this and when you turn it round  it will detect your face, focus and shoot, give it time though = clever that!

Strangely (I’m useless at phone photography) I was extremely pleased with the quality of pictures that I took with this Smartphone, see my flickr.  Some say they could be crisper, but they are mostly untouched straight from the phone, I thought they were pretty good. The downside of taking this many photos was that the battery quickly went flat.  Another silly thing maybe, was that when I was taking photos I kept turning the volume up or down as the volume button happens to be where you hold the phone to take photographs.

Scrolling through photographs on the HTC desire HD is slow and sometimes unresponsive.

The supplied battery is just not enough for this Smartphone, there is so much in it, and you want to use it all of the time, so its understandable that it isn’t going to last a full day without a second charge, it doesn’t take long to charge though.  The good news is that you can buy a better battery to put in the HTC. Try Mugen Power Batteries I’ve heard great things about them, and they are nice people too.

The HTC Desire HD did present me with one challenge and that was connecting to my windows 7 PC – I managed it in the end, however this will be another post as I will put ideas for a fix.

To keep this from becoming a novel I will summarise in list form.


huge screen
user Interface
fast boot
cutely customisable
5 home screens
fast free maps
speedy browser with added options.
easy to use camera
android OS
remote wipe with HTCSense
Signal strength and 3G
mostly everything


Some Lag on certain things. (This maybe resolved with Gingerbread)
Phone to PC connection
No capture screen-shot short cuts

See full specs here on the HTC website.

You guessed it, I thoroughly enjoyed having the HTC Desire HD it was super and I am going to miss it.