How to use Vero – The new social network everyone is going mad about.

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Vero the new social network that says it’s not going to use ads and that it will be free for the first 1 million people who sign up – has gone a bit viral – and many people are asking How to use Vero.

There has been a lot of noise about Vero on the Internet this week with lots of the top newspapers and websites posting articles and blog post about Vero – This is causing Vero to struggle a bit with demand so bare with it. If you see a message saying server-side service timeout – please try again later – either just leave it and wait – as what you were doing usually pops up – or try later.

How to use Vero

Also, many people have downloaded Vero in a panic to not feel left out FOMO not knowing anything about it at all – and so then they don’t know how to use it, I’m seeing tweets on Twitter, saying right now I’ve to Vero and I don’t know how to use it.  What does Vero do, what is Vero, I can’t use Vero, I can’t send a picture on Vero, I can’t find my friends of Vero.

So, What is Vero ? 

Vero (which means true in Italian) was founded by Ayman Hariri who was frustrated with existing social networks regarding privacy options and data protection.   Hariri wanted a social network with no ads, and for it to be funded by a very small subscription.  He was fed up with Algorithms which Vero has none and it won’t be mining your data.   Vero shares stuff in a similar way, easier for you to share stuff in a safer way and puts stuff back in control of the user.

Hariri who is the son of former assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri said.

You can post pictures of your family and say where you are and what experiences you are doing without having to worry about being exposed too publicly. But then [when] you do need to give your fans or followers something as part of your job, you can do that and it’s all in the same app.

Interestingly Hariri’s target market isn’t the kids like most social networks – Hariri is aiming for the older user and superhero fans.  Zack Snyder director of Justice League, for instance, is a big fan of Vero.

How to use Vero

So most importantly people want to know how to use Vero – well its pretty simple to use, even though there are some differences to other networks it’s pretty intuitive so far.

How do I invite friends on Vero

Once we have an account the first thing we want to do is to invite our friends, now if your friends already have an account you can try to search for them.  This is how you can find people and companies to friend and follow depending on their settings.   I would suggest you get yourself an original name to start with as mine was given just as Michelle to begin with – but now I’ve put it as MichelleDH which is my Twitter and my Instagram.  Hopefully, Michelledh will be easier to find.  I do not know if we are going to be able to have our own vanity urls I have asked Vero but no news yet, I guess they are busy right now, but I really hope we can have those.

Otherwise, you can add friends like this:-

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Tap on the ‘Invite’ icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Your contacts from your phone will appear*. Choose to send an invite by SMS, email, or to your Facebook friends.
  4. By SMS you can send friend requests individually and by email, you have the option to send multiple requests at a time.

* If you haven’t allowed Vero access to your contacts, you can still send invitations by SMS, Email, Facebook and other options that are available to you. Vero will not access your contacts when sending invitations.

 How to accept friends requests on Vero

  1. Go to the dashboard

  2. Requests will appear at the top in the Notifications tab (it looks like a bell)

  3. Tap accept

  4.  Tap on the Acquaintances icon to change your new friend’s loop to Friends or Close Friends.

How to use Vero 

How you categorise your friend is called a Loop – they won’t know what loop you have put them in but it’s all to do with how you share your posts.  Similar to facebook – public/friends only/acquaintances

On Vero, you have Close Friends – Friends – Acquaintances.

Close Friends for sharing personal moments, Friends for more social moments, and Acquaintances for big, public moments you want to broadcast.

 You can even have a different avatar for each level of your loop so close friends will see a different avatar than Acquaintance etc.

How to create a post

  1. Tap the + button in the bottom middle of your screen
  2. Choose the category of your post – Music/Movie TV – Book – Place – Just for your Camera or a Link.
  3. Type in your description – add your place – you can even edit your images
  4. Tap next
  5. Choose who can see your image – start with Close friends – Friends – Acquaintances – and then to Followers.
  6. Tap post.

How to have a private chat

  1. Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right
  2. click the notepad icon for a new chat
  3. Tick the name of the person you want to chat with
  4. Click Next
  5. You then type the message and press send.

How do I change settings for a chat?

1.Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right.

2. Select the chat you want to change, and tap the (•••) icon in the upper right.

3. Change the switches for the settings you want to change.

How to make a group chat of Vero

1. Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right.

2. Tap the “New Chat” icon just under it.

3. Select the participants individually.

4. Enter your message.

How do I log out from Vero

2. Tap your name next to “Account”.

3. Move the Logout switch and confirm your choice.

How to leave / delete Vero

People are panicking that it’s a bit difficult to leave Vero – well it’s not really. You could just delete the app, especially if you haven’t even used it or put any information on it, don’t be a drama queen.

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Tap on the ? at the top left
  3. In the drop down – find – delete my account
  4. Provide feedback (if you wish)
  5. Tap Submit

People say that after this stage to delete your Vero account you send an email and have to wait for them to accept, I’ve not gone that far but well big deal – it might take a while at the moment as they just have 500,000 people sign up in one go – you were probably one of them so cut them some slack.

The Story of Vero

My friends and I are enjoying this app so far, please join me, see if you can find me on MichelleDH or try this link –

We aren’t worried about the Terms and Conditions, they are pretty much the same as instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, just read them yourself to be sure, don’t go listening to people who haven’t even read them.

If you have any questions on How to use Vero please ask I will see if I can help further.


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