How to use Twitter Lists – Twitter Tips

//How to use Twitter Lists – Twitter Tips

How to use Twitter Lists – Twitter Tips

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how to use Twitter ListsIt appears that many people aren’t making use of the lists on Twitter because basically they don’t know how to use Twitter Lists or why they would need to. People love lists – we love to make lists – on Twitter you can create lists of special people so that you can connect, watch, moderate just those certain people.

Twitter lists can enhance your user experience on Twitter.  Once set up they can shorten the amount of time you need to spend on twitter and make you fully organised.

How to create Twitter Lists

First lets go through how to set up a Twitter List.

When you are logged into twitter click your small profile picture on the top right – see the drop down menu.

  • Click “Lists”
  • Click “Create New List”

how to use Twitter Lists

Here the “Create A New List” form pops up

You can create a list name – and a description – and choose whether to have it public or private.

  • Click “Save”

Now its created you can add to it – which we will show you in the next section.

How to use Twitter lists

First of all, lets go through what sort of lists your might create.

The great thing about lists – is that you don’t have to follow people to put them in lists.

Some popular list examples are..

1 – Events – Who is attending a certain event – for instance the recent SXSW – the popular South by SouthWest that takes place in Austin Texas each year.

2 – Clients / Customers – Keep an eye on events and goings on – You would probably want to set this list to private.

3 – People that engage with you (or retweet you)  – I sometimes use an IFTTT recipe for this List (I will explain in the next section) – You could name this list something like Superstars

4 – Influencers – You could have this private or public, of course if you have it public the influencers will usually be pleased that they are on a list like that.

5 – Common interests – I have several lists like this for Music/Gaming/Tech or other things that I am interested in.

6 – Resources – You might have a list with magazines, newspaper or websites, that might have content that you want to read or re-tweet.

Adding people to Twitter lists.

This can be quite time consuming, but unless its for an event or something urgent, you can just take your time adding to your list.  Or you can use something like IFTTT to create if for you. I personally don’t like to use automation, unless its very necessary and these can save you a lot of time.

There are recipes on IFTTT that you can use – such as popular hashtags to create lists – sometimes these work and sometimes they do not – I would suggest trying to for a day and checking the members list.  The reason for this is as I found out to my cost, sometimes people hijack a Twitter list and you get many unsavory people in your list that don’t belong there.

how to use Twitter Lists


Otherwise the manual way to add people to lists is as so…

  • Click through to the profile of the account you want to add.
  • Click the Gear – you will see a drop down list
  • Click – Add or remove from lists.

Now you will see all of your lists and you simple just tick one of the lists that you have already set up.

Or you can go directly to the button at the bottom to Create a List – and start a new list.

How to look at the lists that you have created.

Now, that you have created the lists, how do you see tweets from these lists.

  • Click your small profile picture on the top right – see the drop down menu.
  • Click “Lists”

Here you will see all of the Lists that you have created.

  • Click the name of the list.

Now you can see all of the Tweets from all of the members of that list – and that’s all you will see and thats how you use twitter lists.

From here you can also

  • Delete the list
  • Edit the list – you can change, the name, the description or change the list from public to private
  • See a list of members – Here you could easily chose to follow people on the list.
  • See a list of subscribers – As above.

Hopefully that explains exactly how to use Twitter Lists, how to set up and how to add people to twitter lists – let us know how you got on or need any more help.

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