Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool

How to use the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool

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Twitter-Icon-150x150In an attempt to make Twitter safer for its users – there is now the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool.   All it is really is a way to share block lists on Twitter.

We can’t see this helping to stop the Twitter Trolls but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Twitter do realise that we need much more sophisticated tools than this, and promise they are looking into it.

How to block a Twitter user

  • Go to their profile page
  • Click the gear icon
  • Select Block from the drop down menu
  • And confirm.

What it means to block a user on Twitter

  • You cannot follow each other
  • Tweets do not appear in each others timelines
  • You cannot Direct Message each other
  • They cannot add you to lists or tag you in a photo
  • You will not receive notifications where  account you have blocked mentions you.
  • (Which is one reason a troll might block you, so they can continue tweeting about you)
  • If someone else in your timeline mentions the blocked account you will still see this.

The user that is blocked can however still see your tweets, if they do not log in, they log in on another account, or they search your username.

Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool

I’ve seen a number of blog posts informing us of these changes, but none that actually tell you where this – so this short blog will how to share your block list on Twitter, we hope you find it as helpful as out How to User Twitter Lists post.

With the Twitter advance blocking tool you can export or import lists from and to your friends/connections so that you can block multiple accounts all at once.

To view and or share your blocked list go to your profile image on the top right click that

Click – Settings

On the left now you will see a list with Blocked Accounts in – Click that.

You will now see a page headed, Accounts you’re blocking

Twitter Advance Blocking Tool


If you click on Advanced options on the right – you will see a drop down list that has – Export your list – and Import a list.

To share your Twitter block list

  • Click  Export your list
  • You will now be given a choice to share the whole list or just a selection of people –
  • uncheck the tick boxes of those you do not wish to share.
  • Click Export
  • Click Done

This then downloads the block list as a .csv file to your computer – which you can share with other twitter users.

If someone sends you their block list you will need to

Import a list

  • Click Import a list
  • Attach file to upload
  • Find the file which you would have saved to your computer
  • Click preview to see if you want to block these users and click block.

We are hoping Twitter can do better than this – as promised in their post from December 2014 – where they said there will be a few changes and updates that will come in a staged roll out to build a safer Twitter and the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool as they call it, is just a part of that.