How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

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You might have seen people using Facebook live and you are wondering how they do it, or you are wondering How to use Facebook Live to promote your business.

Using Facebook Live to promote your business is one of the best things to do on Facebook right now. Most of your friends are visiting Facebook daily looking at their feed to see what is going on.  It’s a well-known fact, that Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to Live Video. Well, they would do wouldn’t they, it’s theirs and they want people to use it.  They see Facebook live as content that is different from normal videos. And unless people turn off Facebook live notifications (sorry) people will see your Facebook live videos in their feed, there is no doubt about that.  Facebook Live is a great way to connect to your audience, to market your business and basically get yourself known.

People seem to love video, and they love live streaming,  so they want to watch it, they want to see you, to see who you are, and if they watch, like or comment, on the stream their friends will see it even more so you have a vast audience at your feet.

How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

You can practice Facebook live right away from your phone.

  • Click where you would put your status update – you’ll see some choices
  • Click the red video camera
  • Allow access to your camera – if you haven’t done so already
  • Set your audience – who do you want to see your practice – friends or public.
  • Hit GO LIVE

And start broadcasting right away – obviously people aren’t going to turn up right away – so just blabber on about something and soon they will appear.  That seems to be what most people do.

So now you are a video star.

Broadcasting on Facebook Live from your desktop

How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

However, for your business, you want to do something a little more special than walking around the park, rabbiting on about the kids.   You want something a little more professional,  And now you can use various apps or platforms that help you broadcast on Facebook Live directly from your desktop.

Steven Healey is a chat show host and trainer has been broadcasting for some time now, in fact – he’s hosted over 150 live shows, and luckily for us, Steven has produced a video tutorial on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live Video to Promote your Business from your desktop.

In this course he shows you how to

  • Create an Account on Smiletime so that you can broadcast from your desktop.
  • Create Your own Channel on Smiletime
  • Upload your artwork
  • Practice broadcasting without going live

So now you have started your journey and now How to use Facebook Live to promote your business.  There will be further videos to progress to more advanced techniques.  You can find out more about Steven and where to connect with him on the video.


You might also be interested in the Book that Steven has written with Fraser J Hay called “How to grow your business online” it’s not available yet but I will come back with the link this week.