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How to turn off Facebook live notifications

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Now that Facebook’s live streaming feature is available to everyone, some people aren’t very happy about getting so many notifications.  Well, I have good news for you – you can simply turn off Facebook live notifications.

But first…

How to livestream on Facebook

Or maybe you didn’t even realise that you can livestream using Facebook’s app.  You cannot do it from the desktop yet unless you download OBS and make a few changes to your set up but you can stream directly from your phone.

Tap your status and you will see a list of options there, one is Live Video.  Remember you can change the settings the same as on your normal status updates to public or friends only etc.



As I said before I noticed on Twitter that people are getting rather frustrated and fed up with being told that some is “live now” on Facebook.

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Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

Go to your homepage on Facebook – Over on the far right, you see the down arrow.  It looks like an upside down triangle.  Click that and it will show you a drop-down menu. 

From here, click Settings. 

On the left you will see a list of options – Click Notifications

Now you are in the settings page for all notifications.  At the top, you will see On Facebook – Click Edit

Here you options for all posts on Facebook. You will usually have notifications for everything unless you turn them off.

Look down the list for Live Videos

It says – “Choose if you want to receive notifications when interesting live videos happen”

Click – On – and from the drop down menu, choose All Off 

No more annoying Facebook live notifications!