How to transfer your RSS feed from Blogspot to WordPress.

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If you have previously subscribed to my RSS feeder (if you haven’t why not!) you might be wondering why you suddenly have 10 new blogs. Sorry!

As you may know, I recently changed from blogspot to my own domain. (Hosted by the wonderful people of Ooblay)  I was very nervous about doing this as I didn’t want to lose readers. Once I had the correct plugins etc, everything seemed pretty smooth (haha) and I thought that RSS was set up. However, friends told me that they had stop receiving notifications of blogs.

The transfer from Blogspot to WordPress was completed, it all looked fine, there was an RSS feed in place so I assumed (never assume) that it had transfered everything from my old Blogger address to my new but when I looked it was a new Feedburner account. Now I had two, maybe because the blogs now had different gmail accounts.

I logged into using the second Google mail account and deleted the new feedburner.

Next I logged into feedburner with the old Gmail account.

It read that it was still the blogspot account, with no views –  what I had to do was change the Original Feed to the new domain, as above, I tried lots of variations but this one worked,


I left the Feed Address as is.

Previously when I’d tried various options it said that the url was not recognised but this one showed this message.

Shortly after, my friend tweeted

@tsunimee working again, thank you xx

She now  had a lots of my new articles posted into her feeder.

If you are having these problems I hope that this help you to transfer your subscribers to a new account/ domain.

Simply – if you are using Feedburner  – click here

Log into your gmail account

Click – Edit Original feed details (top left)

Change URL to one that you are using, with /?feed=rss2 after it.