How to Streamline your Twitter Notifications

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I’m sure everyone by now should have the new controls which can streamline your Twitter notifications. These settings on mobile and web ( enable us to have better control of our what we see on Twitter in our notifications.

Do you click notifications when you go to Twitter and wonder why the heck you need to see all of those messages in your feed when they mean nothing to you?  Sometimes I do – you get tagged in things what you really don’t want to see. This can stop you from having to see them in your feed.

The settings that you now have available to you mean that you can mute any notifications in your Twitter feed from people you really do not want to hear about, like people who haven’t bothered to put up a profile picture or people who haven’t confirmed their email.  This makes Twitter much more streamline and prevents us from having to see spammy tweets.  It also stops us from seeing the bullying type tweets from accounts just set up for that purpose.  Remember though also you can set up lists in Twitter.  You can add people to Twitter lists if you follow them or not.

How to Streamline your Twitter Notifications

It’s very simple to find these settings

1 – Click your profile picture

2 – Click Settings and Privacy

On the left-hand side where you see “Account” at the top – go down to Notifications

How to Streamline your Twitter Notifications

3 – Click Notifications

Here you will see all of the options

  • To Mute notification from people who
  • You don’t follow
  • Users who have a default profile photo – the egg
  • Those who haven’t confirmed their email
  • Who haven’t confirmed their phone

How to Streamline your Twitter Notifications

For iOS -Click the Gear Icon – to find the Notifications timeline settings.

Quality Filter

You also have the quality filter to help streamline your Twitter notifications which when turned on, filters lower quality content from your notifications – like tweets that appear to be automated or duplicate tweets.

Mute Specific Words

Here you can see that you can also mute specific words or phrases from your tweets, which is great if you are fed up with seeing tweets about a particular television show or event on which you might be mentioned in.

It can be quite tricky to get the correct words or phrases to be muted so here is the guide from Twitter support.

Muting words, phrases, usernames, emojis, and hashtags overview:

  1. Muting is case-insensitive. For example:
    If you add “CATS” to your mute list, any mention of “cats” will be muted from your notifications.
  2. You can include punctuation within a word or phrase when muting. Punctuation at the end of a word or phrase is not necessary.
  3. Muting a word will mute both the word itself and its hashtag. For example:
    If you mute “unicorn”, both “unicorn” and “#unicorn” will be muted from your notifications.
  4. To mute Tweet notifications that mention a particular account, you must include the @ sign before the name. Doing this will mute Tweet notifications that mention that account, but won’t mute notifications from the account itself.
  5. Words, phrases, usernames, emojis, and hashtags up to 140 characters can be muted.
  6. Muting is possible across all Twitter-supported languages.
  7. Muting cannot be set for a particular time period. Words and phrases will remain muted until manually deleted from your settings.
  8. You can view a list of your muted words (and unmute them) in your settings.
  9. Recommendations delivered to you via email or through Twitter will not suggest content that includes your muted words and hashtags.

Now you know how to streamline your twitter notifications. You can try one or all of these things just to see how it works, and don’t worry you can always change it back again.