How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

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whatsapp-892926_640People are often finding themselves with no storage space on their iPhones because Whatsapp automatically saves all media sent to you (or to a group) in your iPhone, so one of the first questions Whatsapp users ask is…

How to stop Whatsapp automatically saving photos to their phones

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app with over one billion users, so you might have heard of it.  They recently upped their security by adding End to End Encryption, so that has made it even more popular.  If you aren’t using it already, you possibly might do at some point in time, if so you might need this information.  So many people on Whatsapp are always asking how to stop Whatsapp from saving photos to the iPhone camera roll automatically.

When people first get on to Whatsapp they always scream about all the photos, videos and other media that is now on their iPhone or any phone,to be honest, (it’s not just an iPhone problem, it’s actually a default setting on Whatsapp) especially if they are in a lively group, who share lots of images, which is probably the most annoying as most of these photos or videos you don’t want at all.

How to stop Whatsapp saving photos to the iPhone

Not only is it a default setting on Whatsapp to save photos to your phone, they seem to make it pretty difficult to find how to turn off this setting.  Although once you know how – it is easy to do.

It’s as simple as this

  • Go to settings (The cog in the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Tap Chats

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

  • Slide off – Save Incoming Media

You see underneath that it is the correct setting as it says – Automatically save images and video that you receive into the camera roll.

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos


How to Stop Photos Automatically downloading On Android

  • Tap on the 3 DOTS
  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to Chat Settings
  • You then have some options on how you want to download content, I would suggest No Media for all.
  • Untick all Boxes

There you go, own your camera roll once more  !

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