How to stop (turn off) the new Twitter (spam) notifications.

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Yesterday Twitter notified users of that they were rolling out email notifications that let you know if someone you follow retweets or favorites one of your tweets.

However it appears from complaints from Twitter users that they are also getting emails everytime they get an @message, ( a twitter mention )  I’ve not seen this myself  but this is what people are tweeting.

It appears that if you chose to have any email notifications at all previous to this change then this option was automatically turned on so you have to opt out – more of a Facebook trick than Twitter.

This could prove extremely difficult for high users and celebrities, especially if they signed up with an email they actually use (big mistake, huge).

But don’t panic…

… to stop these notifications go to Settings – Notifications –  This is where you choose when and how often  Twitter sends you emails.  Untick what you like, (I prefer to untick all)  and click save.

Hope this helps !