How to Sort out your Awful Facebook News Feed

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Is your Facebook Feed full of selfies and baby pictures, when really you’d like to see more of a different subject or topic – maybe you like to see news reports or items about what’s new in the social media world.  I often hear people saying I have a load of rubbish in my facebook feed, so I wanted to share with you – How to Sort out your Facebook News Feed

Facebooks algorithms are the most confusing algorithms on social media. We think that we want our Facebook timelines just to be everything that is posted but we probably don’t actually so Facebook sorts it all out for us (thanks) and shows us what they think we want to see the most.  And yet because we are kind and maybe liking things that we don’t really like our timelines or news feeds suffer and end up full of selfies and baby pictures or cat videos.  (Unless that’s what you want to see, we don’t judge you .. much)

How to Sort out your Facebook News Feed

How to Sort out your Facebook News Feed

You are what you share

Robert Scoble has his Facebook feed completely organised and often shares with us how he uses facebook and organises his feed and it basically boils down to, the posts that you like or share or subjects you talk about, you will see more of those types of posts in your feeds.  It seems that Facebook are always changing things around but these bits of advice that I took from Roberts suggestions from last year have made a big difference.

  • Share, like, and comment on other peoples posts that you are really interested in, this will tell Facebook what you want to see more of.
  • Write about subjects you are interested in.
  • Turn off as much privacy as you can – and post things to public.
  • Robert suggests that you put all of your friends in “close friends” –  This I didn’t do but I have those people I REALLY don’t want to miss as “close friends”
  • Unfriend people who never post to facebook or engage with anyone else – as this can hurt who sees your posts
  • Hide posts that you don’t want to see – this tells Facebook what you don’t want.  You see people complaining about all the cat pictures, if they hide those posts, they shouldn’t see them anymore.
  • Turn off allowing people post to your Facebook page without your approval – See Timeline settings
  • If you aren’t seeing certain friends posts, make sure you visit their profiles often and like and comment on their posts.
  •  Keep an eye on your facebook settings as they can change, if you add or delete apps change things.

Facebook introduced a section later last year where you can actually change some of these options and see what settings you have in place.

Change your Facebook News Feed Settings

  • Click on the arrow on the far right of your profile page
  • Scroll down to News Feed Preferencesfacebook newsfeed

To see a full explanation to all of these options see the Facebook Blog

Change your Timeline settings

These Facebook timeline settings are more about what you let other people see and permissions for your feed. To adjust your some of your timeline settings – click the 3 dots on your profile page

Here you can change:-

  • Who can add things to your timeline
  • Who can post on your timeline
  • Review posts friends tag you in before they appear
  • Who can see things on your timeline
  • Review what other people see on your timeline
  • Who can see posts you are tagged in on your timeline
  • Who can see what others post on your timeline
  • Manage tags people add and tagging suggestions

If you click on each topic you will see the options and some give more of a description – it’s good to go through these to decide who can see what.

So, there we have it, try these suggestions and see how much better your facebook timeline or news feed is – its magic.  If you don’t like it you can always change it back.

Happy Facebooking.