Set up Auto Hosting on Twitch

How to Set up Auto Hosting on Twitch

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Many people are starting to use live video as part of their social media strategy – and Twitch is included in that. Twitch gets more than 15 million daily active viewers so its no wonder. And like any network its great to “network” and get to know other streamers – so how to set up auto hosting on twitch is very important, as it supports other streamers.

What am I talking about?

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video live streaming service, which is actually a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch started life as Justin TV. And in 2014 became Twitch Interactive.  It was taken over by Gamers at first but in the last few years, it has become home to lifestyle streamers, music makers, talk shows, and even tech geeks showing people how to code.

Anyone can live stream on Twitch, all you need is an account and off you go. I would suggest that you spend some time watching streams within your niche, to begin with, to see how it all works.

There are plenty of channels to choose from.

Set up Auto Hosting on Twitch

How to Set up Auto Hosting on Twitch

So, as I’m always saying about every social network that you are in, about every community that you are in. It’s very important to engage, to create relationships, and to give more than you take. Its like setting up an Instagram account, you can’t just post images, and expect everyone to flock to you.  It’s not all about you and pushing your content and not even about how often you post.  Although clearly that does come down to that eventually the key is connections and conversations and that’s what makes it fun and interesting!

Creating relationships is so easy to do on Twitch because most twitch users are great at engaging and collaborating.

There are huge communities built around each and every subject you might want to get involved, with, and they behave in different ways, which is why I suggest you watch streams before you do anything.

To set up auto hosting on Twitch is really easy its just that there are so many different menus these days it can be hard to find.

Thinking about it now I should have done a post about how to set up your Twitch stream and then how to become an affiliate on Twitch things like that but I was just adding some more people to my hosting list and thought you might like to know how to set up auto hosting on twitch as I said it can be hard to find,  the user interface has changed recently and there’s not much out there helping with this.

I should probably also record a video for this but maybe I will add it in later.

What is hosting?

I feel I should maybe explain what is hosting or host mode but if you are here for these instructions you will know.

However, when you are not streaming on your channel page you can host other streamers, on your own channel to promote broadcasters.

If you are watching someone you can just click host at the bottom of the stream.

The best way of course is to set up auto hosting on Twitch, then it does it all for you.   You put in a few names of streamers and it hosts them in turn on your channel.

First, go to your profile picture and you will see this drop-down – Click Creator Dashboard


Then Click Preferences (update Settings) then Channel –

Edit- Click at the top of the page to Featured content.

Then Click the Host List to add – search for the names and add them to the list.

If you want to remove anyone from the list then just click the name and click the bin.

So there, is How to Set up Auto Hosting on Twitch – I hope that helps


Do you want more Twitch help?  if you found this useful please do let me know.