How to remove a contact from LinkedIn

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LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is a professional social networking website with over 200 million members, its a great place to manage your professional identity and to engage with people on a professional level.  So why would you want to how to remove a contact from LinkedIn? People are usually careful about who they connect with on LinkedIn as its not the same as other networks it is usually for work purposes but some people like to be open networkers, and connect with many people, and on LinkedIn these are called LIONs.

What is a LinkedIn LION

It stands for Linked In Open Networker, it basically means that they will accept invites from anyone, even if they don’t know them, where as LinkedIn always used to be the place that you never, ever connected with people you didn’t already know.  However things in social networking have changed somewhat since the old days and many people want to grow their networks and reach out to new contacts.  That being said, there are still people that will hit the I don’t know this person button and that could get you into trouble on many networks.

So, many people love to connect and engage with new people, its how we grow our networks – However sometimes, there may be an occasion say for instance you realised one profile was fake, you were getting too many spam emails from a person or you just decided you didn’t want to be friends on LinkedIn any more – and you might want to know how to remove a contact from LinkedIn  – because we do not do this very often, we forget, and in fact I think it may have been changed in the last year.  So this is how you do it.

Delete a contact from your LinkedIn Account

Its as easy as pie, when you know how.

linkedin remove friend

Click Contacts

Click Connections

linkedin remove connections

on the far right Click Remove Connections

linkedin remove contacts

Find the person you want to remove in the list of Connections (Surname first)

linkedin remove

Click remove connection

Click Yes I do want to remove


And that is done, connection removed.

And that’s how to remove a connection from LinkedIn – I hope that you never have to do that, but if you do find you are getting spam emails or you just don’t like what you see, then this might be the best option.

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