How to Remix on Reels – New feature on Instagram

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Tiktok has Duets and a few days ago Instagram launched Remix. How to Remix on Reels is much the same as Duets on TikTik. Remix is part of the Instagram Reels video editing feature and allows users to record their own content over the top, of other users’ videos and post it to their own profiles.  Also a bit like Duets in the recently removed app Twitch Sings.  There are still also rumours that Snapchat is also creating a similar feature. Seems to be the thing these days, if something is working out well, everyone just copies everyone else.  Much like all the variations of  Clubhouse appearing.  Good for those who don’t use one of the other platforms I assume.

Instagram tweeted an example on the 31st of March.  And they say that the feature has started rolling out. The Remix feature will be enabled on all new reals, so any old reels will not be able to be remixed unless you reupload the previous versions.


How to Remix on Reels


Duets and or Remix is a great way to interact with other users to create a community and to create more content for their viewers.

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How to Remix on Reels

  1. Make sure first that you have the most recent update for Instagram
  2. Select the reel you want to Remix
  3. Tap on the three dots  on the Reel you want to remix 
  4. Select Remix this reel option
  5. You can now create the remix in realtime by clicking the record button
  6. And edit it as you would normally using the tools on the left

Or you can upload a prerecorded video.

So that’s How to Remix on Reels have fun!